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cheapest handphone??

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    • If u lookin for Cdma then the Motorola Timesport from is for U.Cost around $188 for promotions.But 2yrs plan Very Happy

      As for DualBand i think Singtel And M1 O ya Starhub is also offering deals U cannot refuse. Wink

      Singtel is having their POD Promotions Plans for Handphone with prices ranging for 33 to 86 dollars for subscribers. Smile

      M1 is having also having their sales too.Starhub also Cool
      I think U have to either go down to their shops or their websites
      Heres their websites:

      Starhub:http://www.starhub.com.sg Wink

      Well U gotto do it
      U gotto do it.

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