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DISA Limited's (532) Update

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    • The share price of DISA may start to climb as the proposed 50:1 share consolidation was dropped as per yesterday’s announcement.


      DISA Limited is another Reborn Counter, having under gone 4 name changed - first known as Heshe Holdings, renamed Equation Corp, Equation Summit and now DISA Limited. 

      Proposed Capital Reduction Exercise, Proposed Share Consolidation of 50 shares to 1 share at a Book Closure Date to be determined and the Proposed Subscription of Redeemable Convertible Bonds convertible into ordinary shares in the capital of the Company Shares by the Investors, pursuant to which the Company proposed to issue to the Investors 4 redeemable convertible bonds 

      EQUATION Summit Limited subsidiary Disa Digital Safety announced that it has rolled out its Point-of-Sale Activation (PoSA) system at all Walmart stores in the US. 
      Name Changed to DiSa 
      DISA Limited provides digital protection for products in the retail channel. The Company focuses on protecting both the supplier and the retailer against shrink, fraud, and counterfeiting. DISA serves customers worldwide. 
      Point-of-Sale (POS) Activation 
      PoSA is designed to offer complete supply chain and in-store protection against shrink. Focus is on intelligent devices that are digitally locked (at point of production) until the activation code is provided at the POS – consumer unlocks device a single time during product setup. 
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