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Hourly rate hotels in Singapore

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    • Hey guys, do you guys know any hourly rate hotels in singapore. And what's the rate o.o?

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    • i think hotel 81 and fragrance need to do more marketing 

      apparently there are still ppl who donch know

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    • Originally posted by ^^Shan_12^^:

      Quickie is the best way to re-energize me mid-day through.


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    • I only know some 81 is charging $20-30 for min 2hrs. same company but so inconsistent , tsktsk!

      Hotel compass near Guillamard $20 for min 2 hrs also

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    • with the rise of police monitoring and crackdowns on illegal or unlicensed prostitution at budget hotels which require booking in of partners....anyone could be susceptible to be the next media superstar....or worse families along with ah gong ah ma could be issued warrant of health checks that is most embarassing....

      safer and alternative "spaces" are incessantly explored by the ONS crowds...in fact there may be some or few very rundown unnoticeable  shop houses for ONS which costs only $10/ hr and no booking in required ad if u dun mind the untidy and smelly small room....however, sooner or later, they may be cracked down as well...

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