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I caught my wife having sex with an old HDB dude

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      I caught my wife having sex with the old dude who lives next door to us. We live in a HDB flat next to a single, older guy who is probably in his mid sixties. He is kind of chubby and bald, not much to look at, but he is very nice, especially to my wife. 

      I don't blame him though because my wife is very sexy, in her late twenties, and has a great ass. The old dude harmlessly flirts with her, which I ignore, because I figured she would never be interested in him. 

      One evening we had him over for dinner. We had a nice time and talked about his career in the military, sports, etc. I had put back one to many beers as I tend to do and fell asleep on the couch at some point in the evening. I woke up around 11 pm to find that my wife and him were gone. 

      I went next door to see if she was over at his place. I figured they went over to watch a movie and did not want to wake me up. Never did I expect to find my wife in his bedroom on her hands and knees with her ass sticking up in the air and this old dude pounding away at her. 

      I did not know what she saw in him until he pulled his dick out. He was probably twice my size, so I guess she wanted to experience what a big dick felt like. 

      I had been the only guy she had sex with until this guy. She really seemed to be enjoying herself and moaning a lot like a whore. I left and did not say anything to her. 

      This was about a week ago and I am still stunned she would fuck an old fat guy. I guess size matters after all, at least to my wife.
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    • Does it frustrates u?r u feeling disappointed?r u angry?

      Cos from  what i have read n noticed is that u dun know what to do or react when u saw ur wife getting fuck by ur nxt door neighbor....cos if it was my wife doing that,i would have joined in n fuck her brains out together wit the old geezer....cos ur wife yearns to b fuck by another man wit a big tool,so i suggest u help her fulfilled her fantasy

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    • so what did u do thereafter? act nothing happened? better sex? shes still with him? any update..... ;p

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    • Originally posted by ladydumbluck:

      If this was true, I'm sorry, dude.

      Yup, me too...

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    • I don't believe the story. Maybe you are the old fat guy who lusts for your sexy neighbour . 

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    • Originally posted by hastings:

      I don't believe the story. Maybe you are the old fat guy who lusts for your sexy neighbour . 

      I don't believe either. Maybe he is a gay who lust for his old fat HDB dude neighbour. 

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    • Dude, go & fuck his wife instead of telling us how youwatched your wife get fucked by him !!


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    • Erm, kind of like unbelievable, not ur wife but you to do the write up here.... I won't be so sane if I were you

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