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I caught my wife having sex with an old HDB dude

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    • Originally posted by Okkidoggi05:


      I caught my wife having sex with the old dude who lives next door to us. We live in a HDB flat next to a single, older guy who is probably in his mid sixties. He is kind of chubby and bald, not much to look at, but he is very nice, especially to my wife. 

      I don't blame him though because my wife is very sexy, in her late twenties, and has a great ass. The old dude harmlessly flirts with her, which I ignore, because I figured she would never be interested in him. 

      One evening we had him over for dinner. We had a nice time and talked about his career in the military, sports, etc. I had put back one to many beers as I tend to do and fell asleep on the couch at some point in the evening. I woke up around 11 pm to find that my wife and him were gone. 

      I went next door to see if she was over at his place. I figured they went over to watch a movie and did not want to wake me up. Never did I expect to find my wife in his bedroom on her hands and knees with her ass sticking up in the air and this old dude pounding away at her. 

      I did not know what she saw in him until he pulled his dick out. He was probably twice my size, so I guess she wanted to experience what a big dick felt like. 

      I had been the only guy she had sex with until this guy. She really seemed to be enjoying herself and moaning a lot like a whore. I left and did not say anything to her. 

      This was about a week ago and I am still stunned she would fuck an old fat guy. I guess size matters after all, at least to my wife.

      you just walk away brotha? are you seriously brotha? why not challenge him brotha in a pussy in a pole match brotha? twice your size so what brotha, you know what brotha, I challenge a big old fart who is thrice my size brotha much like this one brotha: even larger brotha and you know what brotha, i won against him brotha because I watched Hulk Hogan vs. Andrea the Giant battle brotha wrestlemania 3 brotha: and knows some tatics to tackle with that big diabetico fat old fart brotha and you know what is awesome brotha, his young sweet lovely wife brotha is amaze of my strength brotha and now his young sweet sexy wife becomes my woman brotha as well as the girl that this old big tubby fat fark stolen from me brotha reunite with me brotha like this brotha: be a man brotha now go watch Wrestlemania 3 of Hulk Hogan vs. Andrea the Giant brotha and learn from Hulk Hogan brotha and get your wife back brotha

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