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Which nationality is the BEST at SEX !!

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    • I think most asians. Although they are small, they have good amount of stamina to make sure their partners are satisfied :)

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    • is it true angmoh are smelly - all that bo sweat getting caught  in their hairy ape like bodies?

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    • hahaha... I feel its depends on the girl.... some are pretend be goody and some over do....

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    • In reply to Faithfultan 1  18th July 2015


      I fully agree with this gentleman. It all depends on the individual. If a man meets a girl who want sex so much and she enjoy the fuck, the man will for sure enjoy her company and fuck her hard and long. Just like the accounts executive with nerdy look and behaving conservatively met by this gentleman, the girl may look like a decent and conservative lady or housewife but she may be a wanton in bed when making love with a man.

      It could be true that this particular girl friend of him only made love with her married ex-boy friend because normally a married man is always in the position to satisfy a girl better than an unmarried man especially if he is young and not very seasoned in making love with women. A married man knows what exactly a woman wants at every stage of love making and he can also hold back his ejaculation until his partner has fully enjoyed the fuck and is ready to release her egg to get fertilized,

      These behaviors are facts without doubt, at least to me, as they happened to my wife. My wife and I became open-minded in sex life and led a swinging lifestyle only after I found her sleeping with other men and led a life as a mistress of her married boy friend long before we got married.

      She told me that she loved the fuck of her steady sex partner because he was a playboy who often fucked other girls when he was assigned to work outstation.  He usually came back to tell her all the funs he had with them and that made her more aroused and thoroughly wet.  He could continuously pump her a few hundred strokes to bring her to the top of her world several times which was much better then I though I was also much better than most of the other men she ever encountered.

      My wife looks a very decent and conservative woman and no could believe that she is such a wanton in bed. She likes to try and do every possible style and loves to be long and hard.

      As to young girls, there are lots of fun in playing with them. They usually enjoy the fuck and like to try styles never experienced before. The drawback with young girls is that they usually do not know how to coordinate the movement in a perfect manner.  Whereas when making love with a married and experienced woman she not only can coordinate well but also know how to stimulate and please the man.

      I do not agree that married women are too cautious to reveal themselves in their extramarital sex life.  I do fuck with married women and they are very open and often check in hotel together with me. Maybe they might feel a bit shy initially.

      My wife told me when she first checked into a hotel with her boyfriend she felt very uneasy in front of the staff at the hotel check-in counter knowing that she was going to get fucked in the room.

      Subsequently she felt proud that she was going to get fucked in the room. She thought that she should be sexy and beautiful otherwise no man is eager to fuck her.


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    • So it's not about the nationality but about the skills and experience? HAHAHA


      Well I think variety is still the spice of life!

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    • I think I can be a reliable source for such info. Had sex with over 12 nationalities already and found Malay/Indonesian chicks most sporting and skillful.


    • My experiences and ratings (rate/max rated 10):

      1. My wife (Malaysian Chinese) 10/10

      2. Other Malaysian Chinese 7/10

      3. Malaysian Malay 9/10

      4. Malaysian Indian 8/10

      5. Singaporean Chinese (hw) 7/10

      6. Vietnamese 9/10

      7. Cambodian 6/10

      8. Thai-Isaan 8/10

      9. Indonesian 9/10

      10. Philippines 6/10

      11. Russian 5/10

      12. Khazhak 7/10


      That's all ...

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    • I'm Indian and I personally think Europeans have better than Indians less hangups. Practice makes perfect

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    • Originally posted by Mugen Benoit4real:

      Japanese and U.S.A since they have porn industry

      They ALL fake their orgasms.  Haven't you heard the terrible dialogue and seen the bad positions?  No woman is turned on by this.  It just makes me laugh.

      Edited by XxYaNxX 02 May `17, 5:29PM
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