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Which nationality is the BEST at SEX !!

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    • Then the question is that who is entitled to judge between them? We need to get someone who really had experience with all of these nationalities. Are there any?

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    • this portion should be conducted on Olympic who's countries representative is best in sex. seen some videos of this kind of topic from deepweb.

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      I already replied to this question but that was from man point of view.  Taking the fact that women now are becoming open and there should be quite a lot of women interested in this forum and in this topic I would like to answer from woman point of view.

      Being the husband of a wife who enjoys our swinging lifestyle I should be in a very good position to reply this question for the benefit of women.

      With the exception of a few the majority of women would like to have romantic and tender type of men to play with in sex.  In general a black man is usually very tender, patient and romantic when they meet with a girl coming to have sex with him. This runs counter to the general impression that a black man is big both in body and endowment size and should be quite rough in handling the delicate woman especially an Asian.

      A black man will usually tenderly help the woman to undress first. Then he will take a reasonable length of time in caressing her breasts and genital and also use his mouth and tongue to give them a good lick and suck till she is ready to take in his extraordinarily large and long penis.  He will not rush to sink it deep at once but push in inch by inch until she is fully used to the size and length. Once he finds that she enjoys it and wants him to go deeper by pushing her bottom hard against his penis he will than start to pump hard at her to make her scream like hell. These black men will usually not hurry in getting his satisfaction but to hold back ejaculation to play with her as long as she wants. Feeling that she is nearing the top of her excitement he will bang hard and fast to have it finished at the same time. This will always be appreciated by her and she will automatically give him a big kiss for the satisfaction he gives her.

      As I mentioned in my book about the wonderful and wild sex life of me and my wife in our swinging lifestyle, not all men even the white can do as well as the black men in sex. The most proper reason could be that most of the black men are circumcised and their penises are as insensitive as their fingers. They derives their pleasure in sexual intercourse and ejaculation not by rubbing their sensitive foreheads in the vaginas of the girls but by seeing and imagining that they have touched and manipulated their most intimate and private parts to their satisfaction.        

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    • Originally posted by Albenfrancis:

      Chinese or Malay or Ang moh or Indian or Indonesian or Pilipino or Thai or any other………


      Who is the best sex partner ? and why?

      Of course Singaporeans, lah! Best sex partner(s) in the universe, some say intergalactical comos too!

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    • But it actually depends on the person Sex drive and how much of porn education the person have had lol

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    • Females probably Thai, Brazilian ( hot and love to experiment, open to more )

      males, Belgian, Dutch, German ( not selfish )

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    • In reply to darknight69 on

      18 Sep `17, 4:16P

      But it actually depends on the person Sex drive and how much of porn education the person have had lol

      I fully agree.  In fact porn edcuation is very good for a married couple.  It will enhance the excitment of sex life between husband and wife.

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