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    • Hi Guys,

      I need some help.

      I visited a girl , who i found on craiglist, at  a hotel. On reaching the hotel, we just sat aound chatting for a while. Then, things got a little intimate, but we never had sex. It was just light cuddling and kissing. Nothing more. I had made it clear to her before meeting itself that i was not looking for sex ( sent her an explicit message). I left within 30 min. However, i did pay her some amount just for the time and company. 

      As i was leaving the hotel, the staff stopped me and asked me if i knew the girl. I said she was a friend who i met online. They asked me my name and contact number, as they were suspecting some illegal activity going on in that room (they saw a lot of guys entering that room on cctv) and that they might call me if they need help/info. 

      Since i never had sex , or never intended to (i have proofs of this interms of sms), did i do something illegal by visiting her? Did i break any law? I have been freaking out ever since this episode happened and have been sleepless at nights.


      Is there a cause for concern? 

      Appreciate your help and advice in this matter. 

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    • pray nothing happens

      even if something happens, u are just "assisting" investigations 

      when u are "assisting" investigations, just tell the truth, show your convo records

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    • if the staff coerced you into paying "protection" money or something, then it's a scam icon_lol.gif





      on the side note, our resident Alvin has an adult blog isnt it? icon_lol.gif

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    • Well the hotel staff did not ask me for any protection money or anything. They just said they might need my help if the local authorities plan to investigate what was going on. 

      That being said, was this an illegal activity on my part? i did not have sex though.

      Is there any chance of charges being put against me?  

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    • u got give her some money rite

      so there is a transaction





      how long already?

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    • Its been 3 days. I haven't heard from anyone yet (hotel staff/local authorities/the girl herself). 

      Well i did give her some money, but not for sex. It was for the time and company. I can prove that i did not have sex with her. 

      I did not speak to her after the incident and told her to delete my number and conversation records. 

      Anything i have to be worried about? 


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    • Originally posted by bageltruffle:

      Horny 20 y/o male here, PM me to satisfy your urges/cravings 😋

      u want a 60 year old hag? if u are too cheap to pay

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