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Does Singaporean Masturbate?

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      I have heard so many times only Amercians, Germans masturbate, Singaporeans won't masturbate because Singaporeans are not watching porn and so on. Is this true?

      How many of you have ever masturbate?

      In which age did you all started? 

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    • theres censorship in singapore so chances of us finding p0rn and stuff is low(er) but we are all humans so we have the same sexual cravings.

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    • Started playing with my penis at 3 years old the same year I saw my parents fornicate on my bed naked. Was masturbating at around 13 years old. Was lying on my grandmother's bed when I felt that my penis can actually erect - now that was an experience because as a toddler we know we have a penis and the penis actually becomes slightly longer when urinating, yet somehow when I thought of any prettier female classmate when I was 13, the penis surprisingly felt that it could feel 'good' especially as I rubbed it with my legs or some bed linen. It was the very feeling, so as a kid I did experiment, I learned that if I keep rubbing this penis softly it feels better and better, or warmer and warmer, and eventually what got me totally shocked on the first day I masturbated was when my semen came goshing out automatically from the child-ly erect penis when it got somewhat pushed to the 'limit'. I was still wearing my shorts then, so when the semen came it felt so starchy that I had anything but a clue what to do with it since I was on my grandmother's bed. Quickly covered back up my penis with my somewhat-wet shorts, then subtly visiting the toilet and having it changed and the shorts washed.

      It was several days or weeks later when I masturbated again, back then my eldest cousin was going for a wedding engagement, it was queer yet I learned that I better try it out in the toilet and pretend I was pooping, so I sat in the toilet and personally witnessed how by re-enacting the same sensual rubbing i.e. feeling good and warm eventually the semen shot out from the teenage genital. Within a few weeks I did the Science lessons in secondary school and they i.e. the science teacher and textbook told me that this was a design feature of a mammalian body.

      The books, as many Singaporeans too know it, taught about the anatomy of the male and female genitals all the way till the actual fornication - less the graphics during my time - around the same time the Ministry of Health sent some aunties that got my classmates undressed individually in some kind of a music room configuration, then each of these aunties tested our penises including mine for certain behaviour or condition.

      I may think less of masturbation being a social concern or problem, whether boys or girls, yet bullying are at times something that i grew up with yet had little clue addressing.

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    • Yes as far as i know. Most guys masturbate in singapore.I am not too sure about girl thought.Masturbate is fun cause it makes you stress free when you ejaculate.Its interesting to see the colour if your sperm and imagine that liquid to be in a girls vagina.

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    • I masterbute alot almost everyday, meanwhile looking for gals partners. Do Pm me if gals are keen. 

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