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Does Singaporean Masturbate?

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    • Masturbation does not harm to our health.


      When I was young I masturbated regularly while reading sex books or doing my schoolwork. At that time I was very keen on a girl living at the back of our house.  She was beautiful and sexy.  She had such a look with sex appeal that I really wanted to fuck her if I had a chance.  There was another one who was beautiful but had a serious and calm look.


      When I took bath I often masturbated with soap and sometimes forced my penis into the cut-out section of the bicycle inner tube.  Though the sex book advised readers not to masturbate but I found that I have been masturbating since 9 or 10 years old without any side effects I just brushed aside the advice and continue to do it as and when I felt like.


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    • Originally posted by CursedDevil:


      I have heard so many times only Amercians, Germans masturbate, Singaporeans won't masturbate because Singaporeans are not watching porn and so on. Is this true?

      How many of you have ever masturbate?

      In which age did you all started? 

      I never masturbate wan. My penis urinate most of the time.

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    • Originally posted by singaporeflyer:

      no i dont.

      your balls will soon explode due to all the pent up sperms trying to escape.

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    • I rub myself whenever i think of sex. Sometimes it can be once a day or sometimes once every few days.

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    • Well like all other nationalities, Singaporeans do also masturbate, be it girls or guys. I am aware that there are girls who masturbate but they are too shy to say so... 

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    • Originally posted by spidey3:

      your balls will soon explode due to all the pent up sperms trying to escape.

      Are you talking from experience here?

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    • Originally posted by Selected couples:

      Everyone masturbates bro, everyone 

      Special occasions?

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    • my bf can masturbate 2 times a day if he got nth to do at home the whole day, and 1 time in the afternoon and 1 midnight. and he loves camming like omegle or skype with girls that he doesn't know but after they play finished they don't keep record and everything clean up and not contacting each other, and that is for his pleasure, he said that's his fetish even before he knows me. is that even normal? won't his sperm decrease in time lol

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    • hahaahaa

      every guy in this world will masturbate.. The difference is when and how they started to masturbate.. as for me when I was 15 years old.. My senior friends teach me how to do it.. hahaa

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