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how often to have sex

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    • I am also 57 yo but recent medical incident made me not so active. I now have a once week session with wife.

      Prior to that was once with wife; once with gf.

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    • Masturbation does not harm to our health.


      When I was young I masturbated regularly while reading sex books or doing my schoolwork. At that time I was very keen on a girl living at the back of our house.  She was beautiful and sexy.  She had such a look with sex appeal that I really wanted to fuck her if I had a chance.  There was another one who was beautiful but had a serious and calm look.


      When I took bath I often masturbated with soap and sometimes forced my penis into the cut-out section of the bicycle inner tube.  Though the sex book advised readers not to masturbate but I found that I have been masturbating since 9 or 10 years old without any side effects I just brushed aside the advice and continue to do it as and when I felt like.


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    • Originally posted by Ssme:


      how often is it good to have sex .. with someone do you like... 

      So far I am still celibate. My partner go university other people complete their degree in four years some three, she took seven years and never even enter Masters. She did more years of tertiary studies than me, end up after I graduate and start work already she was still in university tabao-ing, end up till now I am so confused I have no idea how to have sex with her now that this month she cross 35 years of age.

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    • Human sex urge is natural and healthy. The strength and frequency of the urge varies from one to another of both sex.  As long as we do not take stimulant of any kinds we may have sex to get relief as and when we want.  It is betterj to have sex than not.

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