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Confused about KTV - serious qn; single male going to KTV

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    • You need to get new friends. You are the average of 5 people you hang out the most with. What you are doing now is just a temporary band aid for your deeper problem and that is the lack of intimacy with females. You are trying to compensate that need by going to KTV. Does this make you feel good? I guess you are asking alot of questions here but you know what you do is against your own values.

      Get a new hobbie, go out more, talk to people, put yourself out there. Make new connections. That is what you should be doing instead of going to KTV. It feels good now but in the long run it will do you more damage than good.


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    • I was about to say something insightful but The Code's pics distracting lah

    • oh yeah here's how ktv works. you reserve through number of ways. calling them directly or through mamasan or even the boss. once there you pick the girls who will sit with you. but most are butterflies and don't last 15 minutes for $50. The bigger the place the shorter their time with you. But bigger places have better girls. girls are mostly chinese, viet, thai. their job is to first get u to drink more and second get as much tip from you as possible. usually the first helps a lot with the second. never carry more money than you are willing to spend that night (plus taxi home). yes they will take ur money the first chance they get. so don't go if u can't afford it.

      now with reservations, the mamasan usually get commission. although some places they just do it as part of their job. 



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