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Someone i know took my gf's virginity.

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    • Hi all,


      I recently got together with this girl. She has 2 ex's, the 1st which i don't know, the 2nd which i've seen and talk to before. She told me she lost it to 1 of them. I thought it was with the 1st guy which i don't know so it didn't affect me much. We had sex and after that we talked about our past sex lives. It was then i found out that she actually lost it to the 2nd ex, which is the one i know of. I start to feel very fustrated and it had been affecting my mood. Because i actually know the guy, the images of him tooking her virginity keeps haunting me. I know it's the past and i should let it go but the thought of see him again in the streets again makes me feel very uncomfortable. The guy's a jerk and my gf was stupid enough to believe his sweet talk as it was very obvious he wanted her virginity. I told her to delete every post on social media regarding him and blocked him, including discarding all things from him. And she did. Even thought I know she really loves me and i also love her very much, the thought of a guy that i know took her virginity makes me feel very uncomfortable every time, even after she remove everything of him from her life. We've been talking about spending our rest of our lives together but i don't know if i can as this thought will just keep coming back to haunt me time to time. I'm very confuse now...


      Need advice...

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    • It is sex between 2 consenting adults.  Please la, not as if your friend rape you gf before.   You very narrow-minded.    

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    • First, sex is between consenting adults, otherwise it's called rape.

      Second, it happened in the past. Anything could have happened, eg someone had sex with prostitute, one of you had multiple sex partners, etc. It would be quite difficult if you would only want a gf who is a virgin.

      Third, focus on what you can control. You don't like the guy, fine, cut him out of your life. You already made your gf remove anything that has a connection to him. Don't need to go beat him up or something.

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    • you shouldn't be bothered about that. It was in the past. What matter now is she is committed to you already, right ?

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    • You shouldn't care about it for now man, cherish the time with her instead of thinking bout it.

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    • Well it is very normal nowadays... Why date her in the first place, you need to grow up. 

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    • Its just virginity... as long as shes still tight... no need to worry right?




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