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Someone i know took my gf's virginity.

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    • virginity haunt? Yes, it sound likefairy tales scary feeling of our childhood.Ok.. that happens to teens; when you are in your in your 20s this will be over. Cheer up!!


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    • you cannot choose her past. it already happened.. so just leave it behind and be happy with what you have now.

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    • Hi sodamnconfuse

      May I ask if anything took your virginity away before she did? If the answer is yes, than it is obvious. Let bygone be bygone, my son

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    • ·         It is very true that nowadays very few people are care of virginity. It is also very true that a hot girl is a good girl. Otherwise after you get married you will be bored to death. 


      o        My wife is a hot girl. After marriage I found her not only occasionally sleeping with other men but also led a life as a mistress of her married boy friend long before we knew each other.


      She told me that she loved the fuck of him because when he fuck her he could control his ejaculation as long as she enjoyed the fuck till her orgasm.  Being a married man and a playboy who often fucked many other girls his dick had become not so sensitive and could carry on rubbing her vagina for a long time to give her the excitement she liked to have


      He usually told her all the funs he had with other girls and that usually aroused her so much to make her thoroughly wet.  It was under the exact situation when she lost control of herself and offer her virginity to him when she was still young just starting work. From then on she enjoyed having sex with him often whenever convenient.  


      My wife looks very decent and conservative and no one could believe that she is such a wanton in bed. She likes trying every possible style and position and do it anywhere when convenient. She loves to get fucked long and hard.


      My wife told me when she first checked into a hotel with her boyfriend she felt very uneasy in front of the staff at the hotel check-in counter knowing that she was going to get fucked in the room but after a while she felt proud that she was going to get fucked very soon because she sexy, beautiful and hot.  Otherwise no man is eager to fuck her.


      o        Not long after marriage and after I discovered her secretive sex life we became open-minded and led a swinging lifestyle up to the present.  I have the opportunity to fuck many girls sand she has the freedom to go with any man she likes. Sex between me and my wife is still very fresh like the time we just married.  I will fuck her hard when I discover that she has been screwed by someone else especially someone interracial with extraordinarily huge tool.


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    • seems that ts got high ego, and a narrow heart.....

      i cannot imagine what if that gal eventually hurt you, and how revengful you will be.

      if i am that gal i will just leave you, it is already more to childish.

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    • haha.. good luck.  someone else took her virginity, and then someone else take her out on her first date, and then someone else bought her first bday gift.  keep it up..  good luck with this relationship.

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    • KNN, how can she be considered TS's gf if she did not give him her virginity? Don't spoil market, ah!

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