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TheAlphaMale's Guide to Getting Women Without Looks or Money

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    • This guide is for guys who don't have looks and/or money and think that without those two things it is important to get women to be attracted to you. If you define yourself by your looks and money, then women will too. Instead, if your identity is built around your strengths then women will judge you based on your strengths. Be a version of yourself that is larger-than-life, don't focus on your weaknesses.

      1. Maximize your looks

      Just because looks don't matter doesn't mean that you can go around looking like shit and expect women to "like you for who you are". If you want to believe that, then good luck. Get out of here. If not, groom yourself. Trim or shave overgrowths. Get a good hair style. Don't overdress. A simple, and clean look is fine.

      2. Work out

      You don't have to be bufflord to get girls. But going to the gym helps improve your mood, tone your body, and boost your self-esteem. It is a good habit especially if you are on the chubby side or too skinny.

      3. Improve your knowledge

      Read a lot. Catch up on current affairs. It is important because most boys don't know shit. Intelligence and being well read is attractive to most women. Sharpen your wit. Speak good english. Watch movies with alpha males in them to get a sense of their personality. You don't have to mold yourself exactly like them, but carry yourself with authority. Don't be a clown, but humor is an attractive trait--especially witty verbal game.

      4. Push and pull

      The general rule of thumb is when she's attracted, push/tease and when she's becoming less attracted pull/compliment. Keep the dynamics within the sweet spot of sexual tension. This is where most guys fail, they just keep pulling and giving her validation and never push the girl away. This suffocates her and makes you incredibly predictable. And predictability kills attraction.

      5. Watch your body language/posture

      Don't slouch. Watch the way you walk. If you gesture a lot, stop it. Use one handed gesturing. When pointing of offering your handshake, DON'T look at your hands. Most people miss this, but it screams insecurity when your eyes trace your hands. Don't believe me? Next time you notice when guys offer their hands for a handshake where do their eyes look? Are they confident or not?

      6. Verbal/Paralinguals

      Use strong words like "That's nice.", "I'd love to see that.", "That sounds naughty", "Very enticing", etc. Also, speak slowly in a hypnotic fashion when you're moving into intimate topics with her. Practice speaking with a low but strong tone of voice. Smile lightly. Playful smirk. If she can't hear you don't speak louder to accomodate to you. Just smile and repeat yourself in the same way. Sometimes it's fine not to repeat yourself. Many times, people say "huh?" or "what?" because their brain is taking time to process what you said. Just pause. Look at them and smile. Then you'll realize they will suddenly understand what you said without you having to repeat yourself.

      7. Physical contact

      Know how to use physical touch properly. Don't pretend to bump into her. You can stay close and let your hands accidentally graze past each other. It's fine. But other than that all touches should be intentional with you taking control of her body. Move her around. Grab her hands to see her accessories. Hand on her lower back to guide her through doors. Easy control to test for compliance.

      8. Don't reveal too much

      You must keep your cards close. Be selectively authentic. Honesty doesn't mean unloading everything to her. Once they know you, the gig is over. And they will control the interaction. Let her find out a bit at a time slowly piecing together the puzzle that is your life. Don't be overly secretive, though. If she thinks you are hiding something, she might decide it's creepy and not worth it.

      9. Don't talk about her problems

      You are not her knight in shining armor or her BFF. You are there to simply bring her out of her boring life. She has to leave everything behind when she's with you. Cut her off, change topic. Directly show disinterest if she keeps telling you about her problems. Don't be afraid to offend her. Don't friendzone yourself.

      10. Bring her into your world

      Show her what you are good at. Your favorite bands. Your hobbies. Show a little interest in her life, but never talk extensively about it. It should not impress you. Let her learn new things from you. Let her tell you about herself and her stories, but don't grill her about her interests and seem overly eager to impress her.

      11. Make her feel good around you

      The way you talk about her to her. The way you look at her. The way you smile at her. Put your phone away. Don't lash out or complain. These behaviors are unbecoming of a man. Don't be a little bitch.

      12. Look into her eyes

      A good way is to just figure out her eye color or try to find her irises. When looking at her, project thoughts through your gaze. Sexual thoughts, raw openness, amused mastery, control, deep thoughts, etc. Flip through the whole array while looking at her and I guarantee it will increase attraction.

      13. Don't be afraid to walk away

      Most guys don't have boundaries. They let girls step all over them with no consequences at all. Don't be afraid to offend her. Don't be afraid to have an opinion. Women respect a man who knows what he wants in life and isn't afraid to show it. And if she's acting up and refuses to be good company, don't be afraid to walk away. 

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