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How does one strengthen his penis?

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    • You might have seen black men fucking girls in blue movies. You for sure will agree that they fuck the best and every girl like it.


      I have personal experience of it as my five-foot tall little wife has been fucked by black men with huge cocks while I was watching. She screamed and enjoyed so much that I could never forget and I always want to fuck her hard. That is the beauty of a swinging lifestyle for both husband and wife and we love each other more and more.


      If you want to compete with the Black men, of course in duration not in size, you should do this:


      1. use a small rope to tie some weight at one end and hang it onto the neck of the forehead at the other end.  Swing it slightly.  It may be quite painful at the neck of the forehead at first.  But as time passes you will get used to it and you can gradually add weight to make it heavier. Normally the penis can take up slightly more than one kilo in weight.


      2. then you should carry on to do the advanced course of training.  Occasionally in shower, you can train it up by forcing the forehead to wash the small hand towel or your socks. You just use your forehead as a brush to brush your towels or socks.  I say forcing because it is quite painful after the washing initially and you should not use it too long and too hush before its skin has grown thick and the nerve become numb.  You should train it bit by bit until it is tough enough to do the washing like your hands.


      By then you can have full control of it when you are engaging in a battle with a girl in bed. You need not have to worry that you may lose the war to her.  You just use your "sword" to thrust deep into her body, or you may call it the "plunger" to sink deep into her hole in order to succumb her.


      If she refuses to surrender, you just have to stick your sword hard against her or sink your plunger deeper until it touches the last defend line of her battlefield and stay put to look deep into her eyes and smile at her to see what she can do.


      She may surrender. If not fight with her again. For some girls who have plenty of firing power to fight with you she will keep on fighting with you even if she has lost her first round of battle.


      Sometimes you may have to keep on to defend yourself after she has lost even the 2nd or 3rd round before she would totally be defeated.


      You can only do this if you have the staying power and it will be a great achievement to you in engaging in a sex war with your love one or other girlfriends. You can control yourself as to when you want to release your valve to let your champagne splashing out inside her body, into her mouth, on her face, her breasts or her pussy wherever she likes to celebrate your victory.


      By then she can't do anything else but totally give herself up by hugging and kissing you as a hero in conquering her and occupying the whole territories of her body.


      On this some men may worry that once their dicks are insensitive to the friction in intercourse they may lose the pleasure in screwing and fucking a girl. In fact it is not the case. The real pleasure and excitement of a man in having intercourse with a girl do not derive from the friction on the forehead in the game.


      Instead it derives from the reaction of the girl on what the man gives her. The exciting response of the girl derived from his kiss, caress, patting, screwing, fucking as well as uttering of dirty words to her will make the man really excited physically, mentally and psychologically.


      If you can control not to ejaculate, you can fix your two eyes right into hers while you are screwing and fucking her. You can thrust deep into her cunt and then hold it at that position and ask if she likes what you are doing.  You will enjoy to see what she is going to do and say.  You can then bang hard while talking dirty to her until she surrenders. 


      Knowing that she is going to surrender you can bang much harder to consummate together with her.

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    • Attach weights to your penis while erect and perform 10 x3 sets of penis curls - just like bicep curls.  

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