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Sex experience with erotic models in Singapore.

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    • Anybody had experience with the models?

      I know that average photoshoot rate for caucasian model is about 100 USD per hour erotic nude up to open leg, but I am interested in more action then just photoshoot.

      I have the information (not completely confirmed) that some models may allow not only erotic nude photoshoots up to open leg style, but interaction with the photographer and gaming from just touching and some roleplay up to penetration and sex.

      I already contacted some girls and some modelmayhem models who have "erotic" and "fetish" in their photoshoot availability may allow using ropes, handcuffs, collars, blindfolds, mouth ballgags and other BDSM stuff for the photoshoot and may allow touching their bodies and even actions like spanking. This is really interesting option, but I am looking for more action like penetration and sex.


      I respect model privacy and think it will be not fair and correct to discuss issues like that in public and prefer to exchange any information in private messages. From my side I may exchange any information I have too.

      You may ask why don't I ask the models directly. I just don't want to be reported on modelmayhem or any other modelling forum as "raunchy" photographer and want to keep my reputation clean, because I shoot lot of normal shoots like fashion, lingerie, bikini and implied nude and reputation is really important.

      Many thanks in advance.

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    • Originally posted by SupermanBro:

      Use your brain, trick them, don't hire them.

      Lol @ this.

      I laughed so much.

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