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Boyfriend can only cum in squat position?

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    • I believe I am a fairly non judgemental person. My boyfriend loves his own ass and loves me to spank/squeeze it during sex which I like to do as anything that turns him on, turns me on. Excuse me if I sound weird myself however I find it odd that my boyfriend loves me to give him hand/head and even loves to masturbate when he is in doggy position. Basically on knees, leaning forward with ass in the air. He loves me to go from behind. He also loves squatting which he finds pleasurable. He finds it easiest to cum in those positions and of course during sex which is usually him on top but finds it hard to cum laying down on his back if I give him hand/head.

      The issue is that it is interfering with our sex life. When we first met, he couldn't cum. It was only till after many tries of doing everything to please him, that he could cum inside yet he was still somewhat squatting, just penetrating this time. 

      I have mentioned to him that in order for him to be able to cum and not be desensitised, he needs to slowly try other positions masturbating so his body also gets used to it. 


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    • As he will only cum in the squatting position, you should ask him to screw you in as many other styles and postons as possible if his dick stay hard all the time. After you are almost fully satisfied before your orgasm you should then ask him to do the squatting style so you two may cum at the same time.  The main thing of having sex with a man is to get sexual satisfaction. It is no point to let him cum long before you are satisfied.

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