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Is it unusual for me wear my JC uniform before getting laid?

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    • As per topic above.

      Just asking because I am curious.

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    • no it is not wierd, everyone has special little quirks that helps to arouse them.  Some people like uniforms of all types.  Others like to wear tight latex, others love to get chained up while dressed like a school girl.  If you like it, and it gives you better orgasm, go for it and have fun, that is what sex is all about.  Forget all the hang ups your parents or priest told you, thats all based on people trying to force you into unhealthy submission.


  • gekpohboy's Avatar
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    • Just don't tarnish their reputation.

      But honestly, of course it's unusual.

      You think this one cosplay uh?


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    • I think it's kinda interesting but al depends on what's on your mind at that point of time

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    • Cheekopek will have to pay an Application Fee and take a queue lumber first lo.......

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    • I find it sexy. Its fun to foreplay. I'm very envious of the guys you slept with ;) 

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    • Laid on what? coffin? you didn't even clarify your post. well if you mean sex coz we are on the sgsex thread. Do whatever you feel right for you.

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    • This is a very interesting question.

      Majority of man like to be together with a young girl especially virgin when sex is involved.

      If the man you meet see that you are putting on JC uniform he will get very excited when he first meet you. He will still be happy if you are not a virgin if you are still fresh. If he find that you have been well used by other men he may get diappointed.

      If you are an open-minded girl and go to adult party to get laid you will find a lot of men coming to you with JC uniform. You will be busy the whole night and get all what you want.

  • Thomasytk.econs's Avatar
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    • It's a refreshing feeling for your man. We like to think that our girl's are pure and yet to be seeded and wearing JC uniform would spark imaginations in our heads, both the one on top and between our legs.

  • hahagirl's Avatar
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    • not if your JC uniform is 2 size smaller, and skirt 4 finger-length above ur knees :P

      especially sexy if you unbutton the top 2 buttons of the shirt and u tucked in so tightly into your skirt...wear a super push up black bra and long sock and white canvas shoes...long hair over your shoulders and looking so slutty in your black framed specs ....

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