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Accidental Ah Qua Experience

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    • This happened some years back in Geylang. I am a straight guy and met an Indian Singaporean. We had a fun time chatting and topic turned to sex.

      He told me his sexploits aound the region as he is a sales guy covering Asean. Got me horny and we decided to go Geylang for a quickie. It was around 1 am oredi.

      We spotted 2 hot chicks there and my Indian friend made the approach as I was an amateur. He told me they were Thais and $100 per session. I agreed and went into a cheap brothel with one of the Thai chick.

      She undressed .... what nice boobs and had her black panty on. My dick immediately jumped to life. I tried to fondle her boobs she avoided and said 'No'. I thought her voice very low ... a bit manly. But before I can process further she unzip my pants and took my hardening dick out.


      She knelt in front and lightly rubbed her boobs on my dick. Damned shiock la. Then she took a wet towel and cleaned my dick. Immediately, her lips went over my dick head and she used her tongue to lick from dick head to my balls. Like a blue film episode.


      After a couple of minutes, she slipped a condom over my dick and she turned her back to me and pulled her panty down under her bum. I grabbed her from the back and wanted to pull her panty off. She stopped me and said "Enter behind. No touch front."


      Now, I was very curious as I don't do sodomy ... even if invited. I told her "I no behind. I want pussy." She turned around and pulled up her panty and said "I lady-boy". Bugger I never knew my dick can deflate so fast .... from a 6 ins baton to a 2 ins mouse in 2 seconds ... and the condom dropped to the floor. I quickly go to the basin and washed my dick as clean as I could and zip up my pants. She said "I can blow job you." I said "No need.". Paid him the $100 and left the room.

      Waited outside hotel for my Indian friend. So from that day onwards never go 'cheong' with the guy anymore.

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    • yucks, disgusting brotha, if it is me brotha, I will give him a stunner brotha: , then followed by leg drop to finish him off brotha: and run off brotha, this guy's luck is even worst brotha:

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