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Guys visit pros; wife visit gigolo. Can ah?

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    • It amazes me when after a few jugs of beer, guys start talking about their wonderful sexploits in Thailand, China, Batam, etc.

      I wondered if they knew their wifey being bonked by the massage male workers when wifey go to those countries for holiday?


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    • Of course woman also yearn for the taste of a male prostitute.

      The following is the extract of my book about the sex life me and my wife.


      My wife was quite curious about male prostitutes, ducks as we called them.  She has observed all the time about some rich housewives travelling across the border into Mainland China to look for ducks for entertainment. It is often once in a while reported in the local newspapers.


      Their rich husbands were usually the culprits who caused this because they spend too much time in either making money or squandering their physical strength and energy on young women either taken as their mistresses or casual sex partners and left their wives without any sexual satisfaction in their married life.  She has been curious all the time about how these rich housewives fool around with ducks across the border and what enjoyment and excitement they could get from them.  


      So once I arranged one to entertain her. That was the time when I was assigned to work in Amoy in China for Asian Development Bank. I arranged a male prostitute to come to the hotel room to give her the full course of massage while I was away working in the daytime. As I was also curious as to how good a professional male prostitute can do to a woman I stroke a deal with my wife that I would arrange a duck for her on the condition that she would tell me in details of what happened with her after it. My wife really got a good massage and good fuck from him.


      As mentioned earlier my wife liked to try the taste of ducks. She admired those rich housewives having the money to spend and the good excuse to enjoy the duck dishes. They can get ducks in Hong Kong but it is more expensive here and they can easily be caught by anyone who happens to know about them or by the paparazzi who always look for news of this kind to satisfy the readers of the papers. 


      Over there it is cheap and it is harder for those who know them to discover it.  As I mentioned before that my wife is always curious about things happening around her, what people do she also wants to do.  So I managed to satisfy her wish at the time when I worked in Amoy for Asian Development Bank. This would also avoid the possibility of being discovered by someone who may know her if she frequented male prostitutes in Hong Kong.  


      The night earlier I made an arrangement with the section of the Massage and Entertainment section of the hotel to send a handsome, healthy and strong young man to our room to serve my wife during the daytime just after lunch while I was at work in the office. I paid the charges in advance and leave one hundred US dollars in twenty notes to my wife to pay as tip for him after the service. I told her shat she might pay him tip more or less depending on the quality of his service.  I knew that it was her safe period and she could do what she liked.


      My wife just put on a towel jacket provided in the room with only bra and underwear on to wait for him to come after lunch.   Just after 2 there was a knock at the door and she opened it for him to come in.  He brought along the necessary things along with him to do the work.


      After covering the bed with a cover he brought along he asked her to lie down.  My wife took off the towel jacket and lay naked on the bed.  Before he started to do the massage he confirmed with my wife that she was going to have the complete version of the massage as arranged and paid by me.  He further confirmed that she would be touched on every part of her body and ended up with a sex service in whichever ways she preferred until she got the full relief and relaxation.  My wife told him to do what he could do on her to the best he could.


      He started with the common massage of her head, face, hands and legs, foot and her back with his robe on.   My wife sometimes went to massage parlours to have the common massage and she enjoyed them very much.  The common massage done in the ordinary massage parlours was quite time consuming if done properly.  It took more than one and a half hour for the massage therapist to do the complete work. It gave her full relaxation of the body.



      After about one and a half hour he had completed the common massage for her and took a break while chatting with her. My wife observed that under his robe his dick was naughty sometimes.


      He then took his robe off. There was nothing underneath his robe. He was naked and his dick was oozing secretion dripping onto the floor. He then went for toilet and my wife also followed after him.


      He then took her bras and underwear off and asked her to lie in bed.  He then applied some oil all over those parts of her body not yet touched by him before.  Then he began to massage her breasts, belly, buttocks and thighs.  It was thrilling when he applied oil to rub her breasts and tenderly tickled her tits with his fingers. The rubbing, squeezing and caressing of her breasts and tits made her very comfortable and exciting too. 


      The massage of the belly was normally only done with cloth on at the ordinary massage parlours and only briefly. When done with cloth off she felt better and was done more thoroughly.  When came to the thighs and buttocks he ground every part of them with his two palms, pressed and squeezed right to the bones.  He also did the slapping and patting at her thighs and buttocks.  The slapping at the buttocks was very enjoyable to the female while fucked hard by the man.



      Then he applied some good smelling oil on her face and his dick before he climbed up the bed squatting just in front of her face with his erected dick touching her mouth occasionally. My wife took the opportunity to lick the oozing juice.  He used his dick to massage her face systematically and then moved down to rub her breasts.  My wife told me that it was so sexy that her own juice was oozing non-stop down her bottom.


      She was asked to move her position so that her bottom was at the edge of the bed and then he got down the bed and pulled her to the right position so that he could massage her pussy.  He applied oil and used hands and dick to work on her inner thighs, her pussy and the outer anicd inner lips of her cunt as well as her clitoris. This made my wife more excited and her love juice did not ooze but flow out.   Looking at her convulsing cunt with her love juice flowing continuously, he teased her that she was the hottest woman he ever came across.



      He asked my wife to move aside, put pillows to the necessary height and then covered them with a sheet he brought along before asking her to lie back with her bottom on top of the pillows.  He then spread her thighs wide open to expose her cunt in front of him.  He further adjusted the pillows so that her pussy would level with his dick at standing position. By then her cunt was thoroughly wet with her own secretion. He started to massage her genital with his dick rubbing every part of it especially the lips and the clitoris. Occasionally he dipped his dick into her cunt to wet it. This made my wife scream



      My wife knew that it had come to the final stage. Down under it really could not stand any longer and she shouted “fuck me! Fuck me!”  He got the message that my wife wanted him to fuck her immediately. He looked into her eyes, smiled, shook his head and said:  “You are real hot!” While saying it he suddenly ducked his plunger deep and hard into her love hole to make her scream loud and throw her pussy high up in an attempt to have it penetrating deeper.


      He kept stationary while pushing his dick hard against her cunt  and jokingly said that it was the China made plunger that she would like to have it plunged deep into it to make her hole bigger. My wife just screamed and threw her pussy up and down to grind on his private part and to draw his plunger deeper and deeper into her itchy hole.



      After banging on his dick with her itchy cunt for quite some time my wife at last reached her high almost at the same time as he sprayed his load of hot sperms into her itchy cunt.  She then asked him to pull it out to shaft it into her mouth. She sucked and licked it clean and asked him to dip it back into her cunt again and again and then pull it out totally soaked wet with his sperms and their love juice for her to suck. 


      Seeing that my wife was that hot he regained his vitality and the dick got hard again.  He continued to fuck her harder and harder and rubbed her breasts with his two hands.  She screamed non-stop.   He was also so excited as to lift her up with her cunt locked at his dick and kissed her.  He continued repeating all these sex acts for a long time until he lost control again and shot his second load into her deep hole and this made her make the loudest screaming and burst with extreme excitement to come to her second high in less than 30 minutes time. 



      She sucked dry his dick and he in turn gave her a final kiss being the most affectionate kiss he ever gave to a girl not even his girl friend according to him.  Before he packed and went my wife gave him all the five US 20 dollar notes as her tip for his supper job.  He hinted to her that if she were there permanently he would take her as his mistress for sure.  It was almost 5 when he finished his job just before I came back. My wife told me that if she had more US dollars in hand she would have given more to him as he had provided a very satisfactory service to her.


      Wow she gave him one third of the massage charges given by me to the hotel!  Yet she said that he deserved more.  He must be a real fucker!  We went for dinner at 5.30 in the hotel restaurant downstairs.  There she told me the event in details.  By chance the fucker was having his dinner with some other therapists too.  He was a real handsome and sexy man!  They both greeted each other and said hello and my wife again thanked him for his wonderful job in front of all of them.  That made me real horny. I found that all the others were stealing a look at my wife while we had our meal.


      After coming back to the room, she let me see her well-fucked cunt.  It was pink and swelling with mixture of their discharge still oozing out to wet her underwear.  I hesitated no more in stripping her and played with her sexy well-fucked cunt.  I licked and sucked it to clean off the leftover in her cunt.  I was so excited and horny that I couldn’t care of anything else but to fuck her hard until I cum.  She kissed me and said that no matter how much she liked the fuck of others she loved me and loved mine the most.



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    • Originally posted by FireIce:

      izit...... boring leh

      Yaloh. Some people more happening. TS first time come to Singapore ijjit, the whole Singapore other than LKY is self-declare self-profess ownself-check-ownself monogamous, where got Singaporean completely chaste wan? All the teenage girls - not about top or lousy school, all the same - can even be touching themselves all over their bodies when they are in secondary school, and that is because I do not want to know the explicit details.

      宅男 like saya hide in forums like these, because where got energy to jerk off three times in a day? Thailand such as Pattaya is really mad wan what, saya went there once with my ex-schoolmate, that place iirc a Woking Street is crazy, whole alley is a whorehouse, more red than Geylang by 10 times at least.

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