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    • I have a healthy marriage but always having a fantasy of having a cyber sex partner who is available for sex chat only...is it an ethical thing to do?? confused :(

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    20 posts since Jul '17
    • Everyone has their own fantasies as long as your fantasies does not harm others then should be ok.

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      I tell you what to do.

      Chose an appropriate time to bring up this topic with your wife to see what reaction she has.

      When talking of sex the most appropriate time is when you two are making love.  At the point when she is enjoying your fuck and are asking you to fuck her harder you put up this topic to her.  If she is not agreeable you\suggest that she can also look for a man she likes to enjoy sex with him.

      If she agrees you both will soon lead a swinging lifestyle of open-minded sex. It will be fantastic.

      Everyone should know that many women are like men also want to have fantasy in sex but women have less opportunity to explore it.

      I did it with my wife and we have led a very successful and happy sex life ever since not long after we got married when we were young.

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    • was laughing when I saw the thread because the topic of cybersex was the reason I first posted in Sgforums many many years back (http://sgforums.com/forums/18/topics/84804)

      Till today, I have never found that person I had chatted with. 

      No, I do not think it is ethically wrong. Neither should the thread started feel that it is wrong. To each according to his/her needs. We are all different and have our own ways to feel good. Nevertheless be aware of the dangers of meeting strangers online.


  • IoriHayakawa's Avatar
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    10 posts since Nov '17
    • it's up to you and no one judges you as long as your wife doesn't find out about it.

  • Tacollugan17's Avatar
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    • its perfectly normal..enjoy yurself as long it doesnt harm others..me n my wife love to turn our sex fantasy to reality..so erotic..spiced up our sex life

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    • Sounds like you have overload of juice that you need to release. I suggest to bang your wife more and get it out of your system.

      If youre not as horny, you probably wont be bothered to have cyber sex. 

      If wife doesnt turn you on.. Take a dick pill, man up and bang her until you do.

      Try not to ruin a healthy marriage.

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