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Interracial Relationship

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    • Hi all what are your views on interracial relationship?


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    • After that you cannot go back to an Asian .

      or he might be a drug paddler and you will never come back home .

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    • When sex is involved no one bother about race or skin color. 


      My wife wrote me the following incident:


      He stripped me of my dress one by one and then took off my bras and underwear. When he found my underwear was totally wet, he touched my face with his face and say: ”Wow, you are a hot girl!”  He then took his clothing off. To my surprise I saw his huge and long cock like those in most of the excited blue movies. This suddenly made me more excited as I never expect to have the chance to experience the monster cocks as seen in the blue movies.   While we are having sex you always told me that you wished I could have a chance to get fucked by those monster cocks especially those of the black men.  Now my and your dream is coming true soon and my bottom becomes wetter.


      “He showed his dick in front of my face and asked me whether that of my husband or any other boyfriends was as big as his.  I told him that theirs are mostly half his size.  He asked me not to worry and ensured me that he would make me feel comfortable. He used extra pillows to raise my bottom up to allow me to see my cunt and his dick clearly how his dick was going to penetrate into my cunt when he was fucking me.  He first used his big cock to slowly message my face, tickle my breasts and rubbed the outer part of my genital, especially my cunt to make it thorough soaked with my own and his love juice.  I could see his was dripping.


      I could not wait any more and urged him to fuck me.  He smiles and gave me another kiss.  He then slowly started to insert.  After inserting an inch or two he began to pump at that position a bit and also held it to stir the inside and asked me whether it was comfortable for me.  Knowing that I was comfortable with it he inserted further one or two inch and repeated the action again.   He repeated it many times until the whole length of his plunger was totally inserted and disappeared inside my cunt with only two balls resting on the entrance of my cunt. . 


      Before he inserted the whole length I was already hoping that he could poke hard without hesitation because I had a very exciting sensation inside my cunt and shouted: “fuck me hard, fuck me deep!”. After he had made sure that I was comfortable with his huge dick totally inserted into my cunt he again looked at me, smiled, rubbed my breasts and gave me light pats on my face as if he was telling me that I was a good girl, a sexy girl.  Then he lent forward and really gave me a hard kiss together with a hard thrust with his plunger sending me to another level of excitement.  From then on he started to grab hold of me, pressed on my breasts, kissed me, rubbed my breasts and plunging in and out hard. 


      His is really extraordinary long and thick giving me a feeling which I never have before.  I could feel it thrusting right up to my stomach and really stirred my inside like I never had before.  When I used my hand to touch my belly I felt as if I could grab hold of his dick from outside. Though it totally stretched the inside and outside of my bottom I did not feel uncomfortable except extreme pleasure. He really worked hard to give me the long and hard fuck to make me cum. We both had our orgasm together. “


      She also admitted that with a man not likely of her liking in the ordinary time because of skin color or look might turn up differently in love-making. If he gave her a good fuck she couldn’t stop giving him a big kiss and his sliver made her more excited.


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