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    • Obviously, sexual pleasure is the main driving force behind having sex, but why else do you do it?  What specific things really turn you on? For me, it's the kissing, touching, licking and ultimately making my partner orgasm.  

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    • I am fascinated with school punishments and have the fantasy of being "punished" by a female teacher. As I was a good boy during school days, I was hardly punished. The only time I was punished to stand behind classroom for a short duration was way back during sec 1. Does it sounds weird?

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    • In my personal opinion, a presentable, sexy and beautiful girl should have the following features and appearance:


      1. She should have a pair of sexy legs.  Her legs should be in the right proportion to her body in length and size, ie with a pleasant and comfortable look.  They should not be too thick (or fat) like an elephant’s legs or too thin like bamboo sticks.  Her thighs should also be not too thick or too thin.  To me legs and thighs are the important parts of a woman body.


      1. As to hands, the upper arms should not be too thick. The shoulders should not so broad and thick to look like those of a man. In her whole life the parts handled the most by the opposite sex are not the hands but the two legs and the two thighs.  Just imagine how often you hold you wife’s hands in your daily life.  If happens, it may be just a brief while.  On the other hands you may hold the legs and thighs of your wife for quite a reasonable long time when you are fucking her.


      1. The body should be in good proportion.  She should have a reasonable big bottom but not too big.  Big bottom is good for childbirth and the rhythmic movement of the bottom will definitely attract opposite sex.





      1. Breasts in proportion to her body.  Big breasts are very outstanding.  If a girl is lucky to have a pairs of big breasts she for sure will attract many men to go after her.  But to be sexy the breasts are not necessary to be big.  Firm breasts with firm tits, especially without bras, are the sexiest.  Small breasts and small tits do have their uniqueness.   Many men prefer small breast girls to big ones.


      1. Her hands both lower and upper parts should not be too thick or too thin.


      1. As to skin colour, fair or dark does not matter much.


      1. As to face, no matter how beautiful it is, if the first five features mentioned above are not up to the required standard, she could hardly attract men.  If she has a presentable face combined with the acceptable first four features, she is a sexy girl.


      So to look at girls you should look at her legs first.  If legs and thighs are not acceptable, you can forget about her and look for another one.


















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