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    • Adult or swinger clubs should be hard to find in Singapore.  My wife and I could not find any.  If there is one it should underground type because Singapore government does not legalize it.

      We enjoy the environment very much.  When we go to USA and Canada we used to frequent them. We like to make love in front of other people. It is always trhilling.  If you like to fuck other girl you can do it as long as she is lying on any bed in specific areas offering herself to be fucked.  If you want to offrer your wife or your girlfriend to get fucked by others she can always lie on the bed there.  She can choose the man she likes to let him fuck. It is more thrilling to watch others fucking your own wife or girlfriend. After she has been fucked for sure you want to fuck her immediately. The feeling and excitment is indescribable.

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    • swinging is base on mutual and understanding to enter as a loving couple to make marriage work for some if they follow the rules. It is the best sex for couple till date as I would say. 

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