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Cut or Un-Cut Dick is better?

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    • As a husband of a beautiful sweet wife of a happy family with a few children I think I am well positioned to give an answer to this question.

      I met quite a lot of female sex partners and my wife also met quite a number of male sex partners but we can't make out Revaan is a male or female.

      So here let me answer to both male and female questioners: you are quite green on sex at this moment judging from your ignorance of the usual term we use to describe the two different types of dicks.

      If the dick is cut (castrated) the man is a eunuch. I don’t thank there is any eunuch now in this world though there were many in ‘china, Europe and some other parts of the world in the olden days.  Any women wants to sleep with an eunuch?

      Circumcision is to have the foreskin removed.  You may hear men of Muslim and some other minor religions can usually give girls more sexual satisfaction than those uncircumcised, Of course seeing is belief. If you watch black men playing with girls you will get what I mean. We like to watch BBC F. ASIAN GIRLS on the net to see big dicks pumping in and out for a long time and the men still going on strong making the girls screaming loud and nonstop.  It is just because his forehead is not very sensitive to the extensive and rough rubbing of the vagina. The girls should extremely enjoy the fuck.

      To the man he may think that an insensitive penis may not be able to give him excitement as much as a sensitive dick. That nay be true to some extent nut he must realize that if you just can maintain 10 minutes or slightly more or even much less you cannot make the girls happy and she will be unlikely to come back to look for you again.

      When two sex partners come together to play their sex games they both always wish that the games will last as long as possible. For those who enjoy sex very much it need at least two to three hours to get their full satisfaction.  They will have their foreplay before the real battle start.  That will involve all sorts of styles, positions and locations. During this period the man should make full use of his hand, mouth and tongue to keep the girl at high spirit.  An uncircumcised man should always wait till the final moment before taking out his vital instrument in the attempt to subdue her by fighting with her with her vital weapon.

      Normally the girl can defend herself with her shield much longer than the man’s sword can last. As an experienced man and a good lover of your sex partner you know that the most enjoyable thing in love making with a girl is to make her happy and enjoy physically. Though you may not enjoy a lot physically but you should extremely enjoy psychologically by looking at her reaction while you are manipulating her especially while you are attacking her with your sword. If your dick is not very sensitive and can control your ejaculation at will you can make her scream loud and long. You should tease her, talk dirty to her and play tricks with her to see how she can stand.


      If it comes to a stage when she seems need more thrusts, hard and fast, like asking you to fuck hard and quick or pushing her cunt hard against your dick by herself, you should know that her climax is approaching soon. At this time you should utter more dirty words at her and start to pump hard to help her to get what she wants. You can also release your sperms into her body and ask her to bear you a baby instead of her husband if she has one. That sort of psychologically excitement you will never forget for life.  My wife said her sex partners usually did these to her and they both enjoyed it and was very trilling. She liked the one who always give her the most satisfaction.

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