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21yr M, chi Looking for sex, women 28-50 yrs, do take a look

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    • Hi there dear forum users,


      Any women/potential partner would be interested? Last relationship i had was with a lady 6years older than me, we broke off due to reasons.(she was supposed to rom..)


      Preferably if you are single, or a lonely housewife/ milf/ aunt. If you smoke or not its fine with me, i dont smoke or have tatts.(some ask me this idk y). Practice safe sex, please be drug disease free, i use condoms as well. 


      Well, hotels wise, let's not do anything along the 81 category. I personally like to visit carlton city hotel, near tanjong pagar area where there's food, kbbq etc that we could go grab after a few rounds. Capri by Fraser at changi has not much open at night, but there's room service. It's good there too as its quiet.(less eyes) Im okay with paying for the room, but please dont make yourself feel like a prostitute(sorry i cant find a better word for this), its mutual fun between partners.


      I'd also love to talk about anything under the sun while we break, trivials things and what not.


      A little about me, you might not tell that im 21 at first glance, but rest assured i love to give a good fingering.


      As per title mentions, im 21 male, chinese, average body build, not too fit, definitely not fat either. Simple weight lifting nothing too serious/bodybuilder stuff(it's just me, if you have some build that's okay i've had experiences)


      Finishing NS soon, or should i say ns bores me out as i only have fridays-weekends to spend with you.




      If you have read till this point and are interested, do contact me at


      Telegram(preferred): badabimbadaboom


      Line: potatodonut


      Wechat: mingggg96


      Kix: ming96


      Sorry about not putting hp here and for the long post!


      Looking forward to hear from you


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