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About car insurance on overseas rented cars

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  • kokwhye's Avatar
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    • Hi bros,

      Need to seek advice with regards to car insurance when renting car overseas.

      I am currently in overseas for a business trip and I am thinking of renting a car to drive around over the weekend. While the car rentals are relatively cheap here (can be as low as $16USD/day), I look around and the insurance coverage will kill me..I did more probing around and understand that I am actually covered in some way with regards to car renting while travelling.. need your help to verify if these are true.

      1. If I have singapore comprehensive car insurance (coz of the car I owned in Sg), would such coverage "generally" also cover rented cars. I know I have to read the terms and conditions and such, and better to call my insurance company to double confirm.. but I just want to get a sensing so that I don't.. sound stupid.

      2. I read that credit cards can also cover your for rental insurance if you were to charge the rental car under that card.. do any of credit card companies in Singapore have that under their member's benifits?

      Thanks for your help!

  • soleachip's Avatar
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    • If you are an AA member, why don't you rent Hertz through AA? It saves you quite a bit of trouble.

  • 扎fit 人's Avatar
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    • 1. No. The coverage is only for that car with the unique engine and chassis number i.e. your car in Sg.

      2. None that I know of.

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