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hit and run?

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    • Warning: Long story; potential waste of time.

      Yesterday, at about 2320, i was driving my friend to a certain pub in sembpark. as i was turning into the service road before the pub, i saw a car with the reverse gear engaged about 7-8 meters ahead of me, and there was an empty lot on its left.

      Normally as a driver, 7-8 meters is more than enough for a car to do parallel parking, and stopping even behind the lot is more than reasonable distance. The said car was stationary, but suddenly reversed quickly towards me, and knocking into my car.

      Being at night with relatively poor lighting conditions, there was no visible major bumps, but the number plate was obviously dented.

      The female driver came out of her car, took a quick look at both cars and said in chinese "there is nothing wrong what!". Obviously being a victim no one would buy the story, because 1: the car is not yet subject to proper checking by a trained professional 2: she didnt even bother to apologise which pisses me off.

      the pub owner's father, one uncle tao, came into the picture and kept on assuring that he will compensate me for the damages. I am not particular about the damages, but more of the female driver's nochalant attitude towards a car accident. To top it off, I'm not on close terms with this uncle tao guy and i have no idea he was called uncle tao till then.

      I insisted on getting her particulars, not for any other purposes than being legally bound to do so, because it was a car accident. I don't blame accidents for happening but I'm appalled by the driver's behaviour.

      Just as she was about to return to her car after her husband said "ok we'll give you our particulars" and me telling uncle tao "it doesn't matter who pays, but it's an accident and i feel that some particulars are neccessary for accountability issues, that being my father's car that was banged into, uncle tao slammed his fists onto my bonnet and swung his fists at me. Only his right fist connected. I did not retaliate, but called for police assistance, who were right behind but did not see the VCH being commited.

      While they were taking their time to come down (presumably to prevent breach of peace), the pub owner asked me to move my vehicle to a side. while i was parking my vehicle, the female driver drove off as if nothing happened, without leaving any particulars. the police did not do anything as they thought particulars had been exchanged too.

      My thoughts on the issue?

      I was not even close enough to the pub owner so i naturally doubted his/his father's credibility. Besides, obtaining other parties' particulars is no big issue, just for accountability. If he wants to pay for her, that's AFTER i get my car checked and fixed up. I felt that he had totally no reason to step in and even commiting VCH.

      The female driver's attitude was downright irresponsible. First she did not bother to apologise, second she kept claiming that theres nothing wrong after a quick scan under LOW LIGHT. third, she didnt give two shiets when uncle tao stepped in saying he wanted to pay for the damages, as if she rightly deserved it. fourth we were told to move our vehicles aside, not drive away as if nothing had happened.

      I am deciding not to press charges for the VCH after much consideration and 'giving the pub owner face', considering his father was intoxicated at that time. is there any legal recourse against the female driver's nochalant attitude?

      above comment voided after serious consideration, when i am more awake and aware of whats going on. accident reported as hit-n-run, magistrates complaint made for vch.


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    • No, women are all and always like that. Especially so if they are drivers. Tsk. Period.

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    • Everytime I see the reverse lights on, I stay as far away as possible. No presuming that  a certain distance is reasonable enough.

      Drivers of automatics have hit the accelerator hard instead of the brakes while on reverse.

      Be alert, see reverse lights in front of you, be ready to horn, thats all you have.

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    • if that guy tried to punch you, i hope you pursue the case as far as possible and get him to go jail. he how lian say pay damages, he got money big fuck. why dun i give him a few punch and pay him damages… some people like him got no brain.

    • maybe the lady got no work permit to work in singapore? that’s why she quickly want to siam?

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    • Originally posted by DailyFreeGames.com:

      if that guy tried to punch you, i hope you pursue the case as far as possible and get him to go jail. he how lian say pay damages, he got money big fuck. why dun i give him a few punch and pay him damages… some people like him got no brain.

      Very true very true.


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