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Help!!! Caught by red light camera even stationary

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  • andilau78's Avatar
    6 posts since Jan '13
    • Hi, I juz join e taxi trade about 4 mths +.. Recently I encounter a surprise experience.. I was travelling on upper Thomson road & I Came to a T junction near Jln todak.. I slow down my cab as it’s is red light.. But aft stopping, the red light camera flash at me from the back.. I was stationary at that time but I Dono y I was shoot.. Maybe because i pass e stop line but Im haven’t even reaches e yellow Box.. Even my passengers said how come u never beat e red light yet it flash at my cab? I was shock.. For nothing I kena e offense of beating red light when I was stationary.. Can any 1 here advise me what should I do if I receive a summon from e LTA or TP? I did ask around my friends and half said sure tio summon some said nothing will happened.. Can any old bird cabbies give some advise or your point of view for my case.. Will I kena summon for tis situation?

                                                      Thx u..
  • Rednano's Avatar
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      Go to the respective taxi company HQ and request a staff to write an appeal letter to TP.

  • www.ArtofMaths.com's Avatar
    5 posts since Jan '13
    • I remember reading from somewhere the camera will flash twice, simultaneously. If it flash once, that means the second shot is not taken, i.e. you should be ok.

      If you see a second shot, it usually means you have cross the pedestrian line. Then if the second shot shows that your car did not cross the zone, then TP will not call you. Technology still has it limitation, and TP will still need to see photo proof.

  • andilau78's Avatar
    6 posts since Jan '13
    • Bro Artofmaths.. Does tat means I'll still b deducting 12 points n fine $200?? Or warning letter???

    • To all bros, pls advise.. I veri sian n no mood to drive eleven ever I tot of tis.. Cos as wat Artofmaths said, if cross over pedestrian line, will I still b fined or warning?? Veri kan cheong Liao.. Our hard earn $$$ juz got like tat.. Sad

  • foolsh_2000's Avatar
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    • bro Andy Lau,just accept it and carry on,life's like that.i also kena beat traffic lights and fine $200 plus 12 points!the only way appeal thro ur respective taxi coy association.btw try to post in taxi driver forum u will get more replies!

      Edited by foolsh_2000 08 Jan `13, 7:58AM
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