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Unscrupulous car rental company

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    • I am making an official complaint regarding this car rental company for their unscrupulous way of doing business. I know it's a futile effort by posting here but I hope it serves as a warning to others who may happen to come across their postings in Carousell. The mentioned company is 88 rental pte ltd/ Braeliss enterprise pte ltd (Carousell ID : heeyang 1707)


      I rented a Toyota rush 1.5L on 9 June 2017 for 4 days from 30 June to 4th July 2017 at a rate of $325 inclusive of Malaysia usage. I made a deposit of $100 on that day and told him (Ryan Ho, the boss) I will be collecting the car at the earliest opportunity which they agreed at 10.30am. On 29 June 2017, Ryan's colleague Macus (9811 1555) called me and said the Toyota rush met with an accident and wanted to exchange it with Nissan sylphy. 


      I was disappointed because this car was carefully chosen for my usage of wedding 过大礼 in Malaysia but I don't have a choice at that moment and I believed they also don't want such a thing to happen (the accident).


      At around 9pm I called Ryan to confirm the car (Nissan Sylphy) as I seek my wife-to-be confirmation of the mention car. I was shocked when he told me nonchalantly that the car can only be collected at 5pm (30 June 2017). I kept my cool and asked him for solutions as I need to go in Malaysia early morning.


      At 9.45pm, he said there is a Honda civic available but I need to top up $75 (making it to a total rental price of $400) as he had a hard time getting this car from a friend. At that moment, I began to suspect if this was a plot by them to get more rental amount from me instead of the car (toyota rush) having an accident? I can only follow their instructions because I don't have any choice.


      I did try to look for another car myself and used my HP to solicit another car company (Vogue car rental) but they told me all cars have been rented out. However, when my friend used his HP to make queries on the same company, they told him a Nissan Sylphy was available. Conspiracy theory? It seems to me they are a syndicate waiting for preys.


      I have been renting cars from Carousell for many years without a problem and I finally gasps what it means by low crime doesn't mean no crime. It is really upsetting to experience this terrible episode and no words can describe how much I went through. I'm not sure how many unscrupulous individuals are out there but I'm positive there are many victims like me that choose to remain quiet.


      For sure, renting a car will not be the same again as the phobia of meeting another person of dubious character lingers in me. I hope my terrible experience will serve as a warning to others to open your eyes and not go for the cheapest deal because that maybe the last thing you wish for. 


      PS, below is a list of what I found that links Ryan and the car company.


      HP: ***3 6635/ ***1 1555 (Ryan) 

      Address: [email protected] #06-06 and [email protected] #01-39/01-55


      [email protected]____.com


      Alan ***57775

      Ryan's business partner ***00570

      ****3124 (in their listing) 

      ****6487 (in their listing) 

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    • Hi sorry I think I post in the wrong thread , but anyone know what's the speed limit for kpe ? Like from kovan there towards tpe? Just kena tp hiding under bridge using camera . 

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    • Bro/Sis, 


      im filing a complaint on this company, state court and police are involved. would u like to contact me and we meet up to discuss some details? 


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    • Good Evening everyone,

      Like most drivers i've always wanted an application that lets us see the traffic condition of Singapore in one single map with Cameras and Congestion statuses, navigation features and check if there are Car Parks nearby in emergency situations. But the applications on the market thus far does not seem to offer these features. Thus I've spend a large portion of the year to make an application to do just that.


      With this application I'd like to help other drivers too in identifying congested areas. 

      Any feed back will be greatly appreciated! 


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