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COE premiums rise across 3 categories July 5

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    • COE prices rose across three categories at the end of the latest bidding exercise on Wednesday (July 5).

      Premiums for small cars (up to 1,600CC & 97KW) was unchanged at S$42,801.

      Large cars (above 1,600CC OR 97KW) saw premiums go up from S$47,501 in the previous bidding exercise to S$49,802.

      Meanwhile, goods vehicles and buses saw COE prices go up by 9.04 per cent to S$40,212.

      In the motorcycle category, premiums were unchanged at S$6,001.

      Finally, in the open category, which can be used for any types of vehicles, premiums went up by 3.95 per cent to S$49,899.


      Cat A (Cars up to 1,600CC & 97KW): S$42,801 (unchanged)

      Cat B (Cars above 1,600CC OR 97KW): S$49,802 (up from S$47,501)

      Cat C (Goods vehicles and buses): S$40,212 (up from S$36,879)

      Cat D (Motorcycles): S$6,001 (unchanged)

      Cat E (Open category): S$49,899 (up from S$48,001)



    • COE supply will dip by 14% for next three months

      Vehicle buyers will have fewer certificates of entitlement (COEs) to bid for in the August to October quota period.

      The Land Transport Authority said on Wednesday (July 12) there will be an average of 9,122 COEs a month, down from 10,568 in the current quota.

      The 13.7 per cent shrinkage is mostly from the commercial vehicle category, which will see its monthly supply plunge by 59 per cent to 888.

      For cars up to 1,600cc and 130 brake horsepower (bhp), the supply will be 4.4 per cent smaller at 3,630.

      Cars above 1,600cc or 130bhp will see the monthly quota dip by 2.7 per cent to 2,570.

      The Open category, which can be used for any vehicle type but ends up mostly for bigger cars, will see its supply creep up by 2.4 per cent to 1,080.

      Hence, the number of COEs available to car buyers - including those in the Open category - will slide 2.8 per cent to 7,280.

      Meanwhile, motorcyclists will have 5.2 per cent more COEs, at 954, from next month.

      The quota contraction comes on the back of a shrinking vehicle population, and fewer vehicles being scrapped - the two determinants of COE supply.

      With COE premiums staying relatively high largely because of unfettered demand from private-hire car operators, more motorists have also decided to keep their vehicles beyond 10 years.

      This trend reduces the number of deregistrations, which in turn reduces the number of fresh COEs available.

      Mr Ron Lim, general manager of Nissan agent Tan Chong Motors, attributed the sharp decrease in commercial vehicle supply to far fewer fleet owners scrapping their older vans, trucks and lorries.

      Motor traders expect COE premiums all round to remain constant or creep up on the back of the supply shrinkage.

      However, they added that the commercial vehicle premium, which closed at $40,212 in the last bidding, could catch up with car premiums.

      COE premiums for small cars ended at $42,801 in the last bidding, while those for luxury cars closed at $49,802.

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