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  • rabbitbond's Avatar
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    • Ubi there got driving school anot ah?
      where izzit ah???
      how to go ah??
      sunday got open anot???

      sry to ask so many questions...

  • skeujin's Avatar
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  • doramon6's Avatar
    26 posts since Dec '03
    • Ubi there got driving school.
      Sun not open.
      If you are going book for basic/advanced theory, u need to go during office hrs on weekdays.

  • c0lt's Avatar
    2 posts since Dec '03
    • im a graduate from cdc
      it opens on sunday and sat
      but earlier if i do not remember wrongly
      the one tt opens during office hours is the TP counter

  • sgboy2004's Avatar
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  • sun19888's Avatar
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    • Hi, I'm new in the forum and would like to seek some advice. After reading all that message posted, i know that it is not easy to pass the driving test at 1st attempt. I strongly agree that it really depends on the instructor. Any recommendation for private instructor? who are good and charging at a resonable price? Coz i know that some instructor are not responsible.


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