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    • Hi all! I recently booked the vios after almost a year of pondering. Felt that its a gd car for my budget n an all round performer. I hope to gather some feedback from vios owners some tips on maintenance, things to look out for, some problems with the car (if any). All views r welcomed!!! Laughing

      Mr. Green

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    • Hi Dagger5, Good Choice! Mr. Green

      Do join the Official Vios Owners Group Singapore (VOGS) at


      Hundreds of Vios owners are members there already, and they will be happy to welcome you as another new member.
      Join the Forum there and place your name at the "New Member" forum and happy waiting and reading through all the posts there! It has a ton of information which you will find it very useful.

      Many lobangs, meetups and mini-meetups within the club too . Most importantly, all the people there very friendly and helpful one Very Happy

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    5 posts since Jul '04
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