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Trains Delay/Disruptions Updates

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    • Delays on North-South Line due to train fault at Toa Payoh

      SINGAPORE: Commuters on the North-South Line on Tuesday morning (Nov 14) were affected by delays during rush hour, with stations announcing a train fault near Toa Payoh.

      Facebook user WB LM posted that he boarded the train at Sembawang before 6.40am and the train was moving normally, but it stopped for about three to five minutes at each station. He reached Khatib at 6.53am, he said. The estimated travel time between the two stations, according to the TransitLink website, is usually six minutes.

      There was an estimated 15 minutes' delay in travel time from Yishun to City Hall, he added.

      WB LM also said his train cabin was leaking water at two spots.

      The delay persisted for more than an hour, with multiple commuters taking to social media to post about announcements estimating delays of between 10 and 20 minutes along the line.

      As of 8.50am, SMRT had not posted any updates about the train fault on its social media channels.

      Channel NewsAsia has reached out to SMRT for comment.

      Source: CNA/mz

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    • really is every day

    • 23 injured by collision between 2 trains at Joo Koon station


      Twenty-three passengers sustained minor injuries and had to be taken to nearby hospitals after a collision between two trains at Joo Koon MRT station on Wednesday morning (Nov 15). 

      The Singapore Civil Defence Force said in a Facebook post that they were alerted to the incident near Joo Koon MRT station at 8.33am.

      "SCDF resources are at the scene attending to the injured. Twenty-three injured passengers have already been conveyed to the hospitals, majority sustained minor injuries," SCDF added.


      About half the injured passengers were taken to the National University Hospital. Earlier on Wednesday, a commuter by the name of Mei Anne wrote on Facebook that the collision caused her and other passengers to fall on their backs.

      The first major collision between MRT trains took place on August 5 1993, when a front-to-back collision occurred between two trains at Clementi MRT station. The accident, which took place at 7.50am, left 156 injured commuters.

      Several passengers were flung against panels and steel railings inside the train, while others were piled on top of one another. 

      An east-bound train from Jurong had reportedly stopped at Clementi MRT station for two minutes longer than scheduled due to a technical fault. It was then hit by another train. 

      Operations were affected at three MRT stations: Clementi, Buona Vista and Commonwealth and services resumed within a day after intensive checks by the MRT Corporation engineers.

      This story is developing.



    • [NSL]: Due to fewer trains serving the NSL this evening, please cater additional 15 minutes train travel time. Free bridging bus services from #Bishan to #Yishun (one way) and free regular bus services between #Bishan and #Yishun (both directions) are available.

    • At least 28 people have been injured in the accident involving 2 trains at Joo Koon #MRT station on Wednesday morning. Here's what happened. http://str.sg/4vp7 

    • No MRT services between Joo Koon and Gul Circle MRT stations from Monday (Nov 20) up to one month; bridging bus services available http://bit.ly/2hEbyfq 

    • Commuters hit with fresh train delays on the NEL; No service at 5 stations for over 2 hours http://bit.ly/2hDA9AS 

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    • Train delay near Clementi MRT station during evening rush hour: Commuters

      SINGAPORE: Commuters on the East-West Line (EWL) reported a delay in their travels during the evening rush hour on Wednesday (Nov 22), with some reporting announcements of a track fault near Clementi MRT station.

      "I heard on the intercom that there was a track fault near Clementi, and to expect an extra 10 minutes of travel to Jurong," said commuter Mr Alvin Chong.

      Others subsequently reported announcements warning of an additional 20 minutes' travel time towards Jurong East.

      Twitter account MRT Train Delays reported that the stretch between Queenstown and Jurong East MRT stations was affected.

      Others complained about the lack of updates on transport operator SMRT's social media accounts.

      As of 7.10pm, there was still no announcement on SMRT Twitter's page.

      Channel NewsAsia has reached out to SMRT for a response.

      "This is probably nothing in light of what happened in the last few days, but just shows we have to adapt to a new normal," said commuter Mr Clement Tan, a communications professional who boarded the train in the central business district area. "I guess it's a sign that we have reached the likes of London and New York then, first-world cities must have train faults and reduced weekend schedules."

      The delays come after several MRT-related incidents in recent months, including a train collision at Joo Koon MRT station that left 38 injured last week and a flooding along a North-South Line tunnel in October that saw service disrupted for about 20 hours.

      Source: CNA/nc

    • Train fault at Raffles Place MRT station causes NSL delays during evening rush hour

      SINGAPORE: A train fault at Raffles Place MRT station caused delays on the North-South Line during the evening rush hour on Thursday (Nov 30), commuters reported.

      Commuter A Kannan told Channel NewsAsia he was boarding a train at Newton at around 6.10pm when he heard an announcement warning of delays due to a train fault at Raffles Place.

      Commuters were told to expect an additional travel time of 10 minutes from Marina Bay to Khatib.

      Long queues and crowds of people could be seen at various stations including Newton and Bishan.

      Commuter Serene Soh, who was travelling to Sembawang from City Hall, told Channel NewsAsia at about 5.50pm that her train at City Hall station was "not moving", adding that she had gotten on the train about 15 minutes earlier.

      The train eventually started moving but stopped at "every station" for about five minutes, she later said.

      As of 6.25pm, no official announcements could be seen on train operator SMRT's social media accounts.

      Earlier on Thursday, the Land Transport Authority said that rail operators are required to inform passengers of any delay exceeding 10 minutes.

      Source: CNA/nc

    • DTL svc is delayed due to signalling fault at DT32 Tampines Stn. Additional travel time of about 10 minutes may be expected.


      -- @SBSTransit_Ltd

    • Train fault on Downtown Line causes delays during morning rush hour

      SINGAPORE: A train fault on the Downtown Line (DTL) caused travel delays on train services from Bukit Panjang to Expo stations for about 40 minutes during the morning rush hour on Thursday (Dec 21).

      SBS Transit said on its official Twitter account at around 7.50am that train service on the line was delayed from Downtown station towards Expo station, and that commuters should add 10 minutes to their travel time.

      It said at around 8am that full service had resumed.

      The delays were said to be caused by a defective train at Downtown station that had to be pushed out of the DTL, resulting in train service disruption from Bugis to Bendemeer stations, according to SBS Transit's senior vice president for corporate communications Tammy Tan.

      A Channel NewsAsia reader who did not want to be named said he boarded the train at Bukit Panjang MRT station at around 7am, but the train did not move off and an announcement was made 10 minutes later telling commuters to alight.

      Commuters were told that bridging bus services were available.

      Photos showed a packed scene on the Bukit Panjang MRT platform.

      Twitter user Jessie Chaw posted that she was told to get off the train at Bugis, but said that there were no free bus services available for passengers.

      Delays were also reported by Twitter user Mohammad Taufik, who said that the train towards Bukit Panjang at Kaki Bukit had not been moving "for more than 5 minutes".

      "Expect delay," he added.

      Ms Tan apologised for the inconvenience caused by the delays.

      "We apologise to affected commuters for the inconvenience caused. Meanwhile, we are investigating the cause of the train fault," she added.

      Source: CNA/nc

    • Recurring track signalling fault causes delay on East-West Line

      SINGAPORE: Train services between Tanah Merah and Changi Airport MRT stations on the East-West Line (EWL) were facing continued delays on Tuesday morning (Jan 2), after an earlier track signalling fault which was cleared later recurred.

      At 5.49am, SMRT had advised commuters to add an additional 30 minutes to their travel time, before reducing it to 20 minutes in a later tweet.

      The railway operator later said at 7.17am, that the fault was cleared and that trains services were progressively being restored. 

      But it announced less than an hour later that the fault had recurred.

      At about 9am, SMRT announced again that the fault had cleared and that train services had resumed.

      Source: CNA/ec

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    • No train service on parts of Bukit Panjang LRT due to train fault

      SINGAPORE: There is no train service on parts of the Bukit Panjang LRT due to a train fault, operator SMRT said on Thursday (Jan 18).

      The affected stretch is between Choa Chu Kang and Phoenix stations. Train service on the Bukit Panjang loop is unaffected.

      SMRT said in a Facebook post at 4.10pm that their engineering staff were attending to the fault.

      Free bus and bridging bus services were activated.

      Tweets from commuters showed that the delay started as early as 3.34pm.

      One commuter, Lee Shi Min, first said that the train she was taking had not been moving for the past 10 minutes.

      At 4.08pm, she sent out another tweet, this time saying that the "LRT broke down" and that SMRT "did not make an announcement".

      Another commuter said he was stuck on the LRT for about 20 minutes in a tweet sent at 3.50pm.

      Ms Wong Chooi Yoke, 38, told Channel NewsAsia that when she reached Jelapang station at 3.30pm, there was a train at the platform. But the train did not move, and after 15 minutes of waiting, she decided to exit the station and take a bus instead.

      "There was no announcement. I had to call them using the ticket intercom ... No free shuttle bus was arranged at the time when I left," Ms Wong added.

      In a subsequent tweet sent out at 4.54pm, SMRT said that the fault was cleared and "normal train services" across the Bukit Panjang LRT were being restored.

      Free regular bus services and bridging bus services were made available until 5pm, SMRT added.


      Source: CNA/ng

    • Maintenance work causes train delays on North-South Line

      SINGAPORE: Train service on the North-South Line on Wednesday (Feb 14) morning was affected by delays over a four-hour period due to maintenance work being carried out by rail operator SMRT.

      At 5.45am, SMRT announced on Twitter that south-bound trains were travelling slower near Raffles Place MRT station.

      It added that commuters travelling before 10am should add 20 minutes more to their travelling time from Ang Mo Kio to Raffles Place stations.

      In a Facebook post, it explained that the trains would be travelling slowly while approaching Raffles Place "for the safety of commuters".

      "We are sorry for the delay and the inconvenience you experienced," it added.

      More than three hours later, SMRT updated that the additional travelling time had decreased to 10 minutes from Ang Mo Kio to Raffles Place.

      However, it said that maintenance work was still ongoing.

      At around 10am, SMRT said that normal train service had resumed.


      Source: CNA/ad

    • Power fault causes 2-hour LRT disruption in Sengkang: SBS Transit

      SINGAPORE: A "power fault" disrupted Light Rail Transit (LRT) services along the Sengkang West loop on Friday (Feb 16).

      The fault caused a Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) to stall at about 11.10am as it approached Sengkang Town Centre (STC) station, said SBS Transit in a statement.

      Videos posted online on the first day of Chinese New Year showed passengers stepping out of the LRV and walking along the track. An eyewitness also reported hearing a "loud boom" before seeing the vehicle "stalled on the track".

      "At the time of the incident, a loud noise was heard due to a dislodged power collector shoe on the LRV. This caused the LRV to stall immediately as a safety feature," said SBS Transit's senior vice-president for corporate communications, Ms Tammy Tan.

      "Our staff quickly attended to the situation and helped the 15 commuters on board to detrain safely so that they could get to the nearby STC station.

      "Another LRV was used to help push the defective LRT out of the line so that service on the Sengkang West Inner loop could resume," she added.

      Service resumed at 1pm.

      SBS Transit also highlighted that the Sengkang West Outer loop was operating during this period, serving the same stations.

      "We apologise to affected commuters for the inconvenience caused. Meanwhile, we are investigating the cause of the fault," said Ms Tammy.

      Source: CNA/hs

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    • Platform screen door fault causes peak-hour delay on North-South Line

      SINGAPORE: Commuters travelling on the North-South Line were hit with delays on Thursday evening (May 17) during rush hour due to a platform screen door fault.

      SMRT said on Twitter at 6pm that those travelling from Ang Mo Kio to Dhoby Ghaut towards Marina South Pier should add an extra 15 minutes to their journey.

      Shortly after, the delay was increased to 25 minutes. At 6.45pm, this was increased again to 35 minutes.

      Free bus services between Novena and Marina South Pier were available, SMRT added in a separate tweet.

      A commuter named Mr Kannan told Channel NewsAsia that passengers were not able to enter the trains at Newton station as they were packed.

      Mr Kannan added that it was so crowded he had to miss five trains.

      While SMRT's announcement said that the delay was for travel towards Marina South-Pier, the journey in the opposite direction towards Woodlands was also affected, said Mr Kannan.

      Commuter Harvinder Singh, an education officer, told Channel NewsAsia that when he arrived at the platform at Dhoby Ghaut station at about 6.20pm, he noticed that the platform doors had "malfunctioned".

      "SMRT are handling it well though ... trains slowing down to ensure passenger safety, and SMRT staff ensuring that passengers keep clear of the openings," the 30-year-old said.

      He said the platform was "not that crowded yet", and that there was the "normal rush hour crowd", but that this was "building up".

      Source: CNA/ad/nc

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    • Passengers walk on tracks after train fault on Bukit Panjang LRT

      SINGAPORE: Several stranded commuters, including those with young children, had to walk on the train tracks on Saturday (May 19) after a train fault on the Bukit Panjang Light Rail Transit (BPLRT) brought services to a halt.

      Train service was disrupted for nearly two hours.

      In a tweet at around 2.20pm, SMRT said there was no train service on the BPLRT due to a “train fault” between Phoenix and Bukit Panjang station.

      In a subsequent tweet at around 2.50pm, SMRT said that Train Service A had resumed and that its engineers were working to recover Train Service B. 

      At around 3.50pm, SMRT said the train fault was cleared and that Train Service B was "gradually being restored".

      In photos submitted by a Channel NewsAsia reader, passengers can be seen walking on the train tracks. A woman can also be seen carrying her young child as she made her way to the nearest station.

      A passenger who was on the affected train told Channel NewsAsia that the LRT  was “stuck” between Phoenix and Bukit Panjang station for about 20 minutes before an engineer came to their rescue.

      After 10 minutes of “troubleshooting”, the passenger said the engineer allowed them to walk along the track to Bukit Panjang station. The passenger also noted that the train cabin was “very hot” as there was no air conditioning during that period.

      In March, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said the upcoming replacement of LRT vehicles and renewal of signalling systems on the BLPRT will improve passenger service.

      Source: CNA/zl(hm)

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