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Circle Line MRT revamp?

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    • The Circle line keeps breaking down. Perhaps we should revamp it, or replace it with an all-bus system. What do you think?

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    • You go and get your own personal mobility device like electric scooters or electric hoverboards etc your travelling problem would be solved easily. icon_wink.gif

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    • First of all sorry for hijacking thread, new member here and won't stay for long. Just want to share a experience to you fellow train enthusaist. I took the EWL Airport line, and the train is travelling fast ( auto mode) when it passes by the depot, it suddenly crosses over to the track meant for thr jurong east bound train.

      There is another train on that track rather far ( still quite near ) behind us when it happened. The train did not slow down when it crosses, it literally flew to the other track and causes a massive jerk that i have yet to experience in my years of MRT travelling. Quite a few people fell down. The train then crosses back to the centre track at Tanah Merah station. I have never experience this before on the airport line. Someone enlighten me what had happened ? They set the course of the track wrongly or something? The jerk was similar to roller coaster standards XD and there was a loud noise, like out of a sudden BAM BAM and the train flew over to the other track which it isnt supposed to.

      There were no works at that area and the next train that arrived at tanah merah via expo uses the normal track and not crossing over to JE track then crosses it back.

      Moderator or thread owner maybe can help me create a discussion thread on it? (: 

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