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Should Singaporeans invest in foreign properties?

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    • Didn't read all the thread, too much messages :) I think to invest in any property requires certain skills and experience, which I don't have. What I actually don't have ,is enough quantity of money, lol. I can save only few hundreds dollar/month, so that I decided to buy quality gold which is always in demand ( prefer Canadian precious coins from http://bullionexchanges.com/buy-gold/canadian-gold-coins/ ). 

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    • Hi, Check this out. Private fund management that help u to create wealth without risk.


      Hi, am a full time day trader (from home) with over 15 years of trading experience and over 8yrs experience in currency market. I would like to provide personal fund management services to individual who wish to profit in currency market.

      How does it works?
      First, my client will open a trading acc under his or her own name. (Any broker operate locally will do with reasonable spread. However, i personally prefer IG market as i have deal with them for many years). From there i will manage their trading acc / trade on their behalf n all trading decision shall be made by myself.

      As per MAS rule, All fund in and out of trading acc will only via client’s bank acc. Every month profit will be withdraw from trading acc to client’s bank acc. 20% of profit will be used for donation and balance profit will be 50 -50 between client n me. Monthly profit estimated around 10 to 15 % of total fund. Pls contact 868.

      Pls do not contact me if u have doubts in my trading system. Low baller pls stay away, lets dont waste each other time. Time is precious.

      Tag: fund management, forex trading, shares investment, binary, commodities trading, index trading

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    • I received some brochures in my mailbox in JB.


      Central location and urban sophistication

      1. Fully furnished units ( * )
      2. 2 Bedroom units from RM316,000 ( * )
      3. 0 down payment ( * )
      4. Move in bonus ( * )
      5. Complimentary 1 year maintenance fee ( * )

      ( * ) Terms and Conditions Apply.

      Malaysia / Australia

      Developer & Sales Gallery:
      Plot PTD 87712, Jalan Baiduri 1/2,
      Taman Baiduri, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor.
      Tel: +607-2418171

      Sales Gallery Opens Daily (10am – 6pm)

      For enquiry call:

      +6016-7840505, +6017-6339663, +6012-7071368, +6016-7116244



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    •   Could someone send me a Whatsapp group for this?

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    • People really can make money through forex if they got right way of trading skill and strategy... But most of trader start going haywire once starting making profit...lose their mind and start ganbling and forgot their trading discipline ^_^

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      Finds the information shared very useful and interesting.  Hope u peeps also benefit.


      How to be rich from trading?

      I did a trading experiment once. I started with nothing but a Michael Jackson CD. My goal to was To barter the cd and keep bartering until I could not extract any further value. After “injecting” my Michael Jackson cd into my new venture….I started……I was 15 years old.

      The first person I wanted to swap my cd with was Hendrix from my school. He had a nice ocean pacific leather case which i knew was worth around $30. He had used it only two weeks and was in perfect condition. My michael Jackson cd cost me only $19.90. He was desperate for the cd coz he recently picked up MJ and was into his music….we traded. The whole idea of any form of trade is to make sure he walks away feeling like he made a KILLING deal and i have to walk away KNOWING i made a profit from the deal.-

      Now I had a leather ocean pacific leather case. Took me around two weeks but I found a mutually agreeable trader who wanted to get rid of his bicycle. It was two years old and cost him $150. I had assembly knowledge of bikes and new how to strip or add new brakes and pedals. He saw my leather case and immediately agreed to swap. He also had matching ocean pacific wallets and a card holder.
      I was now in possession of an excellent conditioned bike. It wasn’t long before someone offered to swap me for a whole stack of old comics for it. I wanted to see the comics and he allowed me to browse through it. I noted it was a whole stack of marvel comics from the 1970s. Many of them were first edition. First edition comics alone were priceless. I counted 15 good conditioned comics in zip logs (protective layer to prevent yellowing) that were first editions and many were second and thirds…..we traded. I was grinning knowing this was setting me way forward in my goals exponentially. When my friend caught my smirking he asked why i was so happy....i told him that i loved Super-boyd.

      This was where I broke my rule. I sold off all first editions for money. $50-150 each and I still had the second editions and thirds which I sold at $10-15 each. The other fellow who sold me these comics had no idea of its value and he walked away thinking he made an excellent exchange. I on the other hand within three weeks have sold off all the comics and had in my hand $2750 in cash.
      This was when I used my $2750 to do a little business. I placed an advertisement for pretty girls to join my business which I offered $8 an hour or triple what Macdonalds paid. I needed them for a weekend for 10 hours each. I interviewed and selected 3 girls which I felt were the best for what is to come. Each girl would earn $80 a day or $160 for the duration of the weekend.

      I gathered four friends and threw a lot of cleaning and car waxing materials into buckets and we went to HDB hub at Toa Payoh carpark. The girls Job were to walk up to every car that Parked and asked if they wanted to wash for $8 dollars, wax and wash for $18 or polish for $90.
      For each car washed I paid my boys $1 each, wax was $3 each and the mother lode Polish I paid them $7 each. By the end of the day we had washed, waxed and polished 350 cars.
      It was tiring. I had made $1800 in profits after paying off the boys and girls. Remember this was only the first day. Sunday was tomorrow and we aimed to make even more with more than $200 per boy they told me if this was a full time job they would be making $6,000 a month each. More than any grad.

      Sunday we made just a bit more and my profits was $1960. The boys and girls felt I was an excellent business organizer and I felt it was an excellent task.

      Contributed by Caesar
      Financial Analyst
      The Singapore Review

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    • Just like to share an experience here. If any of you has a landed property in Malaysia, my advise is to make sure all your interior wiring and water piping, do not install them conceal with the house walls. It is difficult to detect when the wiring are worn out or there is a leakage in the water piping.

      I just spend quite a big sum of Malaysian Ringgit (RM 2000) trying to figure out what was wrong with the house internal wiring. The interior house main fuse box, the main switch kept on going down/off each time after a few minutes I had on the switches. I thought it was due to some electrical appliances that were worn out but it was not. Though I had plucked out all the home appliances from their electrical point sockets the same thing occurred over and over again. I had to call for a private electrician to take a look at it. It took sometime for him to detect what was wrong. Finally he managed to detect that the wiring install within the walls were already worn out and he had to drill from the second floor of the house to the ground level to install new wiring. I told him not to install and conceal the new wiring because it was difficult for me especially to detect what was the main cause.

      TNB (Tenaga National Bhd) government own power department will not be able to do anything for your interior electricity wiring. They can only check or replace those main wiring or fuse of the main power point outside your house but not the interior of the house. You will have to engage a private electrician to see what is wrong with your interior wiring.

      It is better to run the wiring with their casing attach on the wall though it may look ugly but it is easier for you to detect, cost effective when you need to replace them and it is safer.

      And about the water piping. Well, my neighbour next door water bill went up to about RM300 per month though they used less water. Then they found out the leakage was within the house walls and below the house ground. So they installed the new water piping hooked to the house brick fences and outside the house exterior walls.

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    • I receive this brochure in my mailbox in JB.

      Sungei Danga

      Strategic Location

      Located close to the Coastal Highway in Iskandar Puteri, the gated and guarded Taman Laguna also promises short and easy drives to key locations.

      Completed with CCC


      Land Area 46’ x 95’ / 45’ x 100’
      Built-up area 4,172 sq. ft

      TYPE B (Last Unit)

      Land Area 4,700 sq. ft
      Built-up area 3,721 sq. ft.

      TYPE C (Last Unit)

      Land Area 26’ x 80’
      Built-up area 2,863 sq. ft.

      For more enquiry please call +607-5111188

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    • MYR continual decline is a big concern to prop investment there unless you can get a myr loan.

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    • I would still invest if I understand the following of a country;

      Rental market trends

      Rental returns of the past 3 years

      Is it easy for me to sell the property whenever I want to?

      How much tax do I have to pay for buying and selling the property afterwards?

      How much tax do I have to pay on rental income?

      Barring macro-economic conditions, it is quite straightforward for me to buy/sell property in this market?


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    • after hearing what minister say about hdb become zero value, i would rather spend my money on condo or even better still EC. Because i think EC cheaper and it has got facilities just like condo and most importantly less stressful on my pocket :o

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    • New Zealand property developer seeking silent investors for presold property ventures. The portfolio has limited risk but exceptional returns.  I am seeking investors with adequate capital to be able to take full mortgage over land, and then fund the build for houses that are pre-sold to the New Zealand Government, prior to purchase of the land.  This essentially eliminates the risk of the development.  I have local funders and additional funding access, but seek Asian-based Investors who will appreciate our high interest rates in New Zealand and get better returns from a low risk investment than what they could obtain in their own country 

      I'm happy to meet to go through a proposal from start to finish, and outline the process, and also host any investors who want to learn more in person or visit them in their country.  

      With social housing shortages in New Zealand, this investment will be on a project-basis, with potential for ongoing opportunities.

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    • I dont always like estate properties as I consider them to be slow although not risky

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