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Should Singaporeans invest in foreign properties?

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    • Didn't read all the thread, too much messages :) I think to invest in any property requires certain skills and experience, which I don't have. What I actually don't have ,is enough quantity of money, lol. I can save only few hundreds dollar/month, so that I decided to buy quality gold which is always in demand ( prefer Canadian precious coins from http://bullionexchanges.com/buy-gold/canadian-gold-coins/ ). 

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    • Hi, Check this out. Private fund management that help u to create wealth without risk.


      Hi, am a full time day trader (from home) with over 15 years of trading experience and over 8yrs experience in currency market. I would like to provide personal fund management services to individual who wish to profit in currency market.

      How does it works?
      First, my client will open a trading acc under his or her own name. (Any broker operate locally will do with reasonable spread. However, i personally prefer IG market as i have deal with them for many years). From there i will manage their trading acc / trade on their behalf n all trading decision shall be made by myself.

      As per MAS rule, All fund in and out of trading acc will only via client’s bank acc. Every month profit will be withdraw from trading acc to client’s bank acc. 20% of profit will be used for donation and balance profit will be 50 -50 between client n me. Monthly profit estimated around 10 to 15 % of total fund. Pls contact 868.

      Pls do not contact me if u have doubts in my trading system. Low baller pls stay away, lets dont waste each other time. Time is precious.

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    • I received some brochures in my mailbox in JB.


      Central location and urban sophistication

      1. Fully furnished units ( * )
      2. 2 Bedroom units from RM316,000 ( * )
      3. 0 down payment ( * )
      4. Move in bonus ( * )
      5. Complimentary 1 year maintenance fee ( * )

      ( * ) Terms and Conditions Apply.

      Malaysia / Australia

      Developer & Sales Gallery:
      Plot PTD 87712, Jalan Baiduri 1/2,
      Taman Baiduri, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor.
      Tel: +607-2418171

      Sales Gallery Opens Daily (10am – 6pm)

      For enquiry call:

      +6016-7840505, +6017-6339663, +6012-7071368, +6016-7116244



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    •   Could someone send me a Whatsapp group for this?

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