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Is it worth to have a holistic insurance plan in Singapore?

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    • My insurance agent claims that in order to have a holistic plan, there are 8 components, 2 for wealth and 6 for coverage

      It includes Death, Total Disability, Chronic Illness, Hospitalization, Accident, Income protection.

      The other 2 is saving/investment and retirement.

      It recommended to buy premium for the 6 coverage for total protection, it can take up to 15% in my salary.

      Is it worth to use 15% of my salary to cover those 6 categories?

      Is Great Eastern Reliable in term of claims?

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    • depends on which phase of life and what u are expecting for the future

      coverage is important, especially medical expenses these days are unimaginable
      just get the most premium shield rider plan if u can afford it

      and if u have dependents u oso need to make sure they are taken care of (at least have MONEY) in case u are unable to work, or u go be with g0d

      savings is important as well (no matter what, u still have a sum in future..... whether for retirement or for 环游世界 or to throw them down a building...... is up to u at tt time)

      if u have spare cash u can consider investments loh...... 



      be very sure u know what and how much u are covered for everything
      read all the damn fine print
      even if it takes u hours and half the sh!t u dont understand, ASK the FC (tts what he/she is being paid for).... relli clarify everything before u sign or decide not to sign

      dont have to succumb to FC's upsell and cross-sell 
      of cos they wanna sell u everything
      but most important is you yourself find out what u have, what u need, what u want, what u expect, what u can get back

      compare with other insurance companies. dont rush or dont just listen to one. 
      or scared troublesome and just blindly agree to everything and sign

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