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    • OPEC Renews Agreement

      Despite OPEC's decision to extend cuts into 2018, oil prices only made moderate gains.

      Yesterday the Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries held their long-awaited summit in Vienna. OPEC members met the expectations of investors perfectly by agreeing to extend their current agreement to reduce oil extraction past its expiration date, from March 2018 until the end of next year.

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    • USD/CHF Technical Analysis


      By the beginning of the trading week the dollar opened in positive territory, despite the political squabbles associated with the resumed investigation of the intervention of the Russian special services in the election of the US president.

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    • EUR/USD Technical Analysis

      By the beginning of today's trading session the dollar began to strengthen. Today we expect a number of macroeconomic indicators from the US and the eurozone.

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    • USD/MXN Technical Analysis & Daily Chart


      The MXN has been gradually strengthening but next week the situation can change again in favor of the USD.

      Mexico's economy is gradually recovering from the impact of natural disasters, which positively affected the rate of the MXN. After a lasting uptrend and a consolidation phase, the MXN strengthened against the dollar by 4.1%.

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    • GBP/USD Technical Analysis


      We have a bearish trend with this pair.

      Recently the UK's national currency has been in a state of stress amid political scandals and the Brexit negotiation process. This is why the recent breakdown of the next round of negotiations led to fears about the dismissal of Prime Minister Theresa May and the fall of the pound.

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    • Brexit: A New Hope


      The pound marked gains as a deal between the UK and the EU was finally striked on Brexit.

      This week finally brought a piece of good news for the United Kingdom. After months of stagnation in the talks with the European Union on the specific conditions under which the UK will be leaving the bloc, Britain finally managed to take a step forward by meeting some of the EU’s demands.

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    • EUR/USD Technical Analysis


      There are bearish opportunities with this pair today.

      This month there is a 90% chance the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, as indicated by Fedwatch. In the US data will be published on the labor market and it is predicted that the number of vacancies will be 6,030M, which is slightly fewer seats than last month.

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    • USD/CAD Technical Analysis

      The price is undergoing a correction.

      During the last four trading days oil rallied and gained +6.5% and at the moment the price of Brent is fixed above the mark $65 per barrel, which is a two-year high.

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    • GOLD Short Review & Forecast


      This day is full of news and events in favor of the USD, so it's time for the deals to SELL.

      Gold continues to lose its appeal for investors. Since September the rates have been in the frames of a downward trend, which intensified this month after a long phase of consolidation.

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      Due to The Fed Expecting 3 Hikes in 2018 cause fall in USD Price


      US Dollar Index Technical Analysis: Failure to soften over 94.20 up Dec. would be troubling

      Dread of expansive drop to finish off the year would elevate on break and close beneath 92.50

      Dealer Sentiment Highlight from IG UK: EUR/USD bearish inclination from retail debilitates

      The agony exchange of 2017 in view of what was required to unfold and transform exchanges into benefits that never did was the shockingly powerless USD. The US Dollar Index (DXY) played another round of that tune on Wednesday after Janet Yellen gave her last question and answer session as Fed Chairwoman.

      The US Dollar record expanded its drop and demonstrated the most shortcoming against the EUR, which increased 0.67%, the Japanese Yen that increased 0.9%, the Australian Dollar (AUD) that picked up 1%, and the New Zealand Dollar, which picked up the most against the US Dollar in the wake of rising 1.25%. The US Dollar Index itself fell 0.7%, yet still can’t seem to trigger offer signs.

      The frenzy catch for US Dollar Index bulls likely ought not to be pushed to the point when a value break and close underneath 92.50 creates. Over 92.50 (November 27 low), the diagram keeps on demonstrating higher highs and higher lows from the 2017 low exchanged at on September 08 when the DXY value hit 91.01.

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    80 posts since Apr '17
    • Fed Hikes Interest Rates


      This week the Federal Reserve increased interest rates, but the dollar didn't change much.

      In yet another move contrary to the monetary policy trends elsewhere around the globe, the United States Federal Reserve chose to increase interest rates by another .25% to 1.50% this Wednesday. This week we would take a look at what motivated that decision, as well as what the consequences will be for finance.

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