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Python spotted in toilet at Upper Thomson shophouse

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    • Python spotted in toilet at Upper Thomson shophouse on 2 separate occasions

      SINGAPORE: A snake was spotted in the toilet of a motor parts store at Upper Thomson Road not once but twice in recent weeks.

      According to the manager of Scotts Motors, Mr Jimmy Lim, employees saw a snake slithering inside a toilet bowl last Wednesday (Sep 20) and on a different occasion the previous week.

      The store is located along a row of shophouses along Soo Chow Walk near Thomson Plaza. Mr Lim told Channel NewsAsia that he was unsure if it was the same snake.

      During the latest sighting, an employee was about to use the toilet when the python slithered up from the toilet bowl.

      The employees left the python alone, hoping that it would slither out of the toilet bowl - but according to Mr Lim it did not. The snake disappeared back into the sewage pipes after about 30 minutes.

      Mr Lim's daughter, who is also an employee of Scotts Motors, took a video of the latest sighting and posted it on her Facebook page. The video has been viewed more than 5,000 times as of Tuesday.

      When asked why his daughter published the video, Mr Lim said: "She posted it to warn people as it is for their safety. Our office is near other shophouses and private homes. We hope no one will get hurt because of the snake."


      Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) deputy chief executive officer Kalai Vanan told Channel NewsAsia that the snake is a reticulated python, a species that is commonly sighted across the island. 

      He said that these pythons, which are able swimmers, are commonly found in drains and canals where they predominantly hunt rats. However, he is unsure how this particular one managed to find its way up from inside the sewage pipes.

      Mr Vanan added that anyone who spots a snake in a toilet bowl should leave the toilet lid up, close the toilet windows and doors for an hour or two to see if the snake comes out. They should also call ACRES for further action to be taken.

      "Do not attempt to harm the snake by flushing the toilet with chemicals," Mr Vanan warned.

      "These animals are not out to hurt us. They are adapting and surviving in our urban landscape and sometimes get lost in awkward spaces. It's our duty as humans to help animals in such scenarios," he added.

      He stressed that provoking the python will also result in the snake becoming defensive, and this could lead to a "conflict situation".

      Source: CNA/am

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