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Marina Bay Sands toilets awarded 6-star rating

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    • Marina Bay Sands toilets first in Singapore to be awarded 6-star rating

      SINGAPORE: Six toilets at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands have received the six-star rating from the Restroom Association of Singapore - the first toilets in Singapore to be awarded its top rating.

      The association had introduced the six-star rating in 2014, but it was only on Tuesday (Apr 24) that any toilets here hit the mark.

      Under the grading system, six-star or "magnificent restrooms" are expected to use smart technology and employ cleaners who have completed a Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) module in washroom cleaning.

      This is on top of the standards laid out under the five-star rating. Toilets under this category are expected to have facilities in working condition, provide basic amenities such as soap and toilet paper, be odour and litter-free, have a "reasonably dry floor" as well as include "special delights, user-friendliness and/or eco-friendly facilities", according to the Restroom Association.

      In one of the six-star toilets at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, for instance, there is a detector which measures the level of ammonia in the air and relays this information to cleaners via SMS.

      Once odour levels exceed a certain threshold, a text message will be sent to the cleaners with information about which toilet is affected.

      The six-star toilets are also equipped with smart tablets that allow users to provide real-time feedback.

      If negative feedback is given, the programme will also send text messages to the cleaner in charge so that problems can be tackled as soon as possible.

      Both these tech solutions were provided by Singapore companies. Convergent Smart Technologies provided the ammonia detectors while Infinergy Systems Solutions was responsible for the feedback software.

      The six-star rating is due for renewal on an annual basis.

      Speaking to reporters at the certification of Marina Bay Sands' six-star toilets, president of the Restroom Association Tan Puay Hoon said it is hoped that including technological solutions in its criteria would lead to better standards and quality.

      “We also hope that it (will) encourage other toilet owners to implement tech solutions to help manage their resources and manpower more effectively,” said Mdm Tan.

      Source: CNA/nc

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    • i think MBS toilets like so-so leh

      ION toilets then goooooood

      even the toilet paper oso gooooooood quality de

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