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    • This is my third FR from Taipei this year, I don’t know why I am so lucky that my company sent me to Taipei this year so many time which never happen before.

      I was in Taipei last week, the weather is still wet and still a lot of rain, on the way from airport to hotel, the taxi driver is complaining how bad the weather going to be and expecting Typhoon in the next few days, I was thinking, OMG, with such a weather, can I still get SYT? Are those mei mei still willing to go out in such a bad weather?

      After I reached hotel, I contacted the OKT, she usually online from 2PM onward, but now is 4:30PM already, still see her skype contact is offline, Shit! I think maybe this time I become vegetarian lor, no choice, leave her an offline message in Skype hope she can call me back.

      About 6 PM, I received her message, she said her internet line was interrupted due to bad weather, now is back to normal, thanks god! I don’t have to DIY tonight!!!

      Don’t want to waste time , asked her got any newbies and pretty looking one or not, she said got 2 available now, one is 萍果 Appleand another girl is 予凡 (Yu Fan), both are school girl (学生妹) she told me萍果dare to play and more open to have fun if I am able to let her feel comfortable, Yu Fan 予凡 is very pretty, she is a 校花 prettiest girl in her school, but demand for guy who is gentle and kind.

      I asked her who is good, she said both are good, if I want someone who like to have fun, choose Apple, if I want the look and GF feeling , Yu Fan will be the perfect choice, after much consideration, I choose Yu Fan, asked how much, she said 12K, special offer to me 10K, because I am the 老顾客 RTF Customer. Wahlao! 10K is about SGD500 leh, worth or not? Due to bad weather, I am not going to waste time waiting for other girls already, I said OK and she said I got good taste…

      After 30 minutes, Yu Fan appeared in front of my door, I look at her, Wow! She is amazing! You cannot imagine such a pretty girl is going to sleep with an old man like me..haha!

      She is pretty and sweet, big eye, nice body, very fair and smooth skin, she can go for contest I guess..

      After we introduce each other, we shower together, she help me to wash from top to toe, she is very shy because she is still very new, I still need to guide her hand to wash my small brother, my small brother is standing all they way during shower..siok man! I keep touching her boobs because they are firm and juicy!

      After shower, we hug each other on the bed to have the GF feeling, I let her feel comfortable before we start our action, after usual kissing and touching, she gave me BJ, feeling real good, after a while, my turn to suck her boobs and sayang (touch) her pussy, she responded very well, moaning like my new GF.

      I skip the usual part, which all brothers already know and doing all the time, I finished her in doggie style which is my favorite finishing shoot out! After shoot out, she feeling tired and she said I am strong like a young man, she said I am really can make her come..I said of cause, I am a still young ma…haha.

      We hug and kiss each other before she leave, she said next time when I come to Taiwan, she want me to contact her, I asked for her number, she said she promised the OKT not to give out her number to her customer, because this is the rule, the OKT also need to have income, I respect her decisions.


      Name : Yu Fan (予凡)

      Look : 9/10

      Body: 8/10 (C cup)

      Damaged: 10K TWD


      RTF: Definitely

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