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Singaporean Students Planning to Study Medicine Overseas

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    • Will Singaporeans overseas be willing to do their Medicine Degree in Singapore? Every year, many students pursue their MD degree in US, Canada, UK or Australia. It is, however, not easy to get admission. It is even harder to get their residency after that.

      So would studying a US style medical school in Singapore be attractive? Why? And why not?

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    • Hi! 

      Are u planning to study in Duke NUS?

      From what I understand, their courses are not easy, and you really have to study in 3 years what others (pre grad Medicine Students) take 5 years to study. 

      I've met a range of students from Duke, most who are really good at their exams, but might lack a bit more in the clinical skills aspect, such as blood drawing or history taking or rounds, simply because these need time and cannot be rushed. Eventually everyone catches up. 

      However, the good things about entering Duke NUS is that this is a programme which MOH in my opinion has a very strong hand in, so all the students, or most, are actually assured Residencies in the field that they are interested in (some even claim priority) over students from the other school. This is because most of the Duke students are quite a bit older, and possibly more mature, so firstly, they already have an idea of what they want to specialist in, and secondly, most dont have the luxury of time to wait a while or try out different postings unless they want to still do night calls at the age of 40. 

      If you want a difference experience, you could always do it overseas. There are always different results, and I also have varied accounts from friends about the teachings and experiences.
      For one, most cannot escape from the mugging involved in medicine. There might be more interactive sessions/modules and lectures there, where you can learn about medicine from another angle compared to what we are used to in Singapore, which really can be a mind opener, but i've had other friends who complain of horrible lecturers whose monotone voice and ang moh accent is really hard to decipher.

      And they are just living off the medical notes of friends from over in singapore.

      Either way, you should really try out an internship or do a job shadowing to check if that's really the lifestyle u want.

      The aim of being a doctor (u can say I'm still naive on this) is to do his best for the patient. You'll never get extremely rich, but life is still pretty comfortable. Just, don't compare to ur friends who choose to go into finance. Or other better paying jobs. and start thinking hey I could have been there. 

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    • Does havin an overseas medical degree guarantee u a job as a doctor in singapore? Do local uni doctors hav more advantage?

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