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Tired and Breathless in Singapore

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    • Hi All,

      am feeling tired easily even if I sleep 8hrs a day. I feel sleepy and breathless, also tensed.

      I noticed a similar trend for the past few years.

      When I am overseas, even if i sleep for less than 6hrs a day, i feel energetic, can breathe easily and my chest feel light and my complexion looks healthy. My nose block goes off and sneexing reduced by 80%. Even if I were away for many weeks alone, I can handle everything I faced with calmness.

      2 days before i return to Singapore, i feel little sad that my travel is going to be over soon.

      1 week after I return to Singapore, my nose start to block terribly (since i was 7yrs old) and lots of sneezing.

      2 weeks after i return, i feel my breathing is little heavier and I get angry and sad easily.

      As time goes by, my breadth gets shorter and chest feels heavy. I also feel tension in my body and mind. Sometimes it gets bad that I get headach, eye pain and nausea. Doctor diagnose that its tension. My work is not very stressful. If the cause is stress, I dont think its from work. My interest in daily life dwindles. Everything seems boring. My noseblock becomes very bad, so i have to breathe with my mouth 95% of the time. I always feel like sleeping, I can sleep alot. My complexion also became dull and sallow. Last year I developed eczema where skin peels badly. It stopped after 1 week when I am overseas but come back when I return home. Have to control it with medicinal cream.

      I am born and grow up in Singapore in my mid 20s. Am not over weight, have good apettite and sleep very well.

      Is there something wrong with me physically / psychologically / both?

      These always happens when I am in Singapore and goes away when I am overseas.

      I want to feel happy, energetic and to breathe properly in Singapore as travelling to slove the problem is not a permanent "cure".

      Anyone with similar experience?

      Please Help and share & advice.

      Thanks Alot !

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    • The inevitable sinking dreaded feeling of expected realities facing when one returns. Your mind is tired. You need to pull yourself out of this captivity of negativity. You feel your sense of purpose blurred and what you could've should've.

      But then again, it may jus be the differences in the weather.. the air... the food... the water. :p

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