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    • Here's a compiled list of questions that are often asked by users on this forum:


      I have installed 4 GB of RAM in my computer. Why it shows up as 3.X GB only?

      Get a 64-bit OS (eg. Windows Vista 64-bit) if you need to install 4 GB or more memory on your computer, otherwise your computer will not recognize additional RAM after the typical 3.5 GB limit due to technical limitations of a 32-bit OS (if your OS doesn't say anything about 64-bit, it's probably a 32-bit one). And no, if you happen to have that much memory and yet using a 32-bit OS, the unused memory doesn't do anything bad to your system as far as I know, including but not limited to, crashing your system, showing up a blue screen while you're watching the last episode of your favourite drama, or self-destructing inside the computer casing while you're away from the desk.


      Can I advertise on this forum?

      No. If you're an old or active member here, we may close one eye about it occasionally. But if your one and only post is an advertisement on the tech forum, we'll lock it and modify or remove its content at our discretion. There's already classy.sg and the Marketplace for your ads. Why pee in the kitchen when the toliet is just nearby?


      I got a virus/malware/trojan/adware on my computer! How do I get help?

      Create a topic here, include a log of your computer system in your post, and put in as much related information about the problem as possible (eg. when it happened, what you did before the problem occurred etc). Not sure of how to do so? Read this guide on creating a topic, and the posting guidelines as well.


      In the meantime, give Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware (abbreiviated as MBAM) a try. Download the free version (I'm using that too!) and do a full scan, then proceed to remove the malware they dug out for you.


      I just bought an external hard disk. But when I plug it into my computer, nothing shows up! Is it spoiled?

      No it isn't. You just need to format it before it's ready for use. It's like getting a bookshelf from Ikea which you need to assemble it yourself - except that it takes little effort to format a hard disk. Read the section "Formatting a Secondary Hard Drive" from this article for instructions to do so. It's for Windows XP, but I suppose the process will be similar for users on Vista.


      Just 4 (5 if you include this one) questions in this FAQ? WTF?!

      I started writing this at 6 in the morning without a wink in the night, and I'm not a coffee drinker, so I can't really pull anything much out of my brains right now. If you would like to give your opinion about this FAQ, please post it in this thread. Mods, feel free to edit my post and add more Q&As in whenever necessary.


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