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Intermittent Internet connection

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    • OK, thanks, I will try it!

    • Thanks to playmemory for the suggestion to try opendns. This seems to work for me.

      For anyone finding this message topic on web page delays, resolving host delays, dns errors in relation to Singtel Broadband (and there's a lot of us out there, it appears). Here is some additional information on what worked for me.

      When you do a web search via Google or other search svc on "resolving host", dns errors, flush dns, you'll see a lot of suggestions for

      - clearing your browser's cache (that's a web page cache, not related to dns caching),

      - clearing your pc's dns cache via a pc system command line, run "ipconfig /flushdns" (could help some people, made no difference in my situation),

      and then, setup access to an alternative dns server than your service provider, of which many are available. The one playmemory suggested, at http://www.opendns.com, is a good one and has a good reputation, no cost, free. There are other alternatives that you could search for, too.

      You have a choice of setting up accessing a dns server directly in your pc's browser, or in your wireless network's router administration page. For Singtel's Mio Box (adsl modem/router) you simply go thru your web browser to http://gateway.2wire.net/, and you'll see your router's admin page.

      Click on "connection status", then "advanced settings". You'll see the option to set your DNS settings in the lower right hand corner.

      Select "manually configure your dns information. For opendns, you'll type in the ip address, in the second box, the ip address is Verify this info at www.opendns.com, though.

      I don't think it's needed, but I also typed in "www.opendns.com" in the domain name, it didn't hurt. Click in the save box in the lower right corner of the page.

      I then restarted my computer just to start with fresh net access. It seemed kind of flakey the first few attempts to request a web page, but then things just started to hum. 

      The "resolving host" status in the web browser and the number of "dns error, page not found" is significantly reduced. Now I'm just waiting on the web servers on the other side of the world to send over their stuff.

      In regards to Starhub versus Singtel, I'll restate that my file download speed (mp3's, torrents, is significantly faster with the Singtel ADSL at 6mbs, then my Starhub cable modem's 8mbs I had for two years. As this thread shows, there's a lot more to a quality broadband connection then the level of speed you pay for.

      Of course, this differs for everyone on the island - the quality of your physical connnection - a new, sometimes separate and dedicated, phone line for Singtel ADSL, clean Coax with few neighbors on Starhbu Cable, makes a huge difference in getting either service to work well.

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    • Originally posted by Jerry2308:


      Would like to check with you people.Recently i have been having intermittent internet connection.It breaks connection like every few minutes but reconnects in seconds.

      In my Google chrome bar,it keeps stating resolving proxy or resolving host.But when i try using speedtest.net,i get 8mbps which is my subscribtion speed.

      Whenever i try playing games like sudden attack,my ping keeps going up and down.Have scanned the whole computer with Avast,ad-aware and super Antispyware,no virus was found.

      What could be my problem?

      Yes i have the disconnection and reconnection problem as well but i without the route somemore... and my speed is sebei slow look at my topic...

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    • its the 2wire modem thats causing the problem. i've got the same problem lots of time even after i've changed the modem with singnet. so now i've switched to another modem and it works fine for me now.

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    • So, lifeisgood9989, can you tell me which modem you switched to for future reference?

      While the switch to another DNS server seemed to fix the problem for me, there may be the need to switch out the modem/router in the future.

      I noticed Singtel sold and officially supported the Aztech ADSL/ADSL2 modem/router. I've also seen that D-Link sells an ADSL/ADSL2 modem/router. Did you use any of these or something else?

      PQN, in regards to your problem, it's a simple test to setup OpenDNS in your PC's configuration file - If it works, great, if not, you can switch the alternative DNS off pretty easy.

      In Windows, navigate to Network Connnections, select the wired connection, right click to see properties, select the Internet Protocol TCP/IP listing, select Properties.

      At the bottom of this screen, select Use the following DNS addresses, then input the OpenDNS addresses listed in this thread. Close it, then start surfing.

      Instructions can also be seen at http://www.opendns.com

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    • Hi,

         The problem ,I think, is not with your hardware nor microfilter, line etc. The real problem is with singnet server. This resolving ocurrance happens only in the last few months. Can you guys confirm this?

        I have benn using the same modem for 2 years now  and never experience it before, only recently.

        I suggest everyone complain loud and clear to singnet to clean up their acts or else.......

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    • Following my posts made in the last few days, to recap:

      I had experienced lots of "resolving host", "DNS error - page not found" errors when web surfing with Singtel. All troubleshooting revealed that my PC's, my Mio router, line connection and line speed were fine. Also, when I started a torrent or file download, it actually worked fine. File download connnections are handled differently than a web page request made thru a web browser.

      As my core issue was the constant errors encountered when requesting web pages, I tried suggestions from playmemory to try another DNS server, in this case, opendns at www.opendns.com.

      This dns server switch solved my web page access problem. No more page errors for several days now.

      I also filed a complaint about the DNS connnection problem with Singtel via their email based support. They called me a day later. In general, the tech rep did confirm that there have been intermittent problems with their DNS servers - what type of problem, how many users are affected, I don't know. The general guidence was to try reconnecting to their DNS servers in a few days.

      So, this may not be the problem that others are experiencing, but it does appear that some subscribers are suffering from a DNS server connection problem some of the time...

      I think I'll stay on opendns for an indefinite period, as it works for me.

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