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The Ultimate Secret of Tech Support

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    • As I fear I become inactive on this forum one day, I felt compelled to reveal the ultimate secret of tech support. Behold - The Tech Support Cheat Sheet!

      Ok, that cheat sheet above came from a xkcd comic. My point is, 80% of new tech queries have actually already been asked and answered elsewhere, which can be easily found by doing some Googling. Some tips on getting the search results you want faster:

      • Enter unique and specific keywords. Instead of "msn error", enter part of the error message that is given by the application in question, like "msn error 81000301".
      • Look through the first 20 results. If none of them are relevant, you're probably using the wrong keywords.
      • Discussion threads and comments on blog entries are usually more relevant and informative than official websites.

      As for the other 20%, you are welcome to start a thread about it here or contact any of the regulars directly through private messaging.

      lpx88 - owner of this forum; comes by once in a while to make sure everything here runs smoothly
      ndmmxiaomayi - well-versed in malware-related issues (eg. viruses, spywares), as well as issues related to operating systems (eg. Windows, Unix)
      kenn3th - able to deal with general malware-related and hardware-related issues
      MyPillowTalks - works in SLS, so you can ask him anything related to computer hardware from upgrading individual components to building a custom PC from scratch
      LatecomerX - feel free to ask me anything related to programming, but make sure it's something that can't be found within 3 minutes of Googling, or I'll get pretty pissed
      Raraken - familiar with computer hardware and able to give recommendations on selection of PC parts as well


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    • Hi all, if u're keen on computer tricks, please visit my blog at sgforums.com

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