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[Takenote] Sim Lim Scam Case.

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      [c=1] [/c=14][c=1]         anticipating and not anticipating at the same time[/c] says:

      i describe whole thing 1st

      last year july i bought a desktop from a store in sim lim

      and its cash and carry

      i decided to test it out there and thought the store keeper wud give me a brand new one as he went into the storeroom and carried a box out 

      [c=1] [/c=14][c=1]         anticipating and not anticipating at the same time[/c] says:

      in the end the box is empty and he say its the one on display that he is selling

      so we got a bit suspicious of him but he explained that his store only import one or two at a time per model and those com in display are never on unless customer wants to buy and test it

      and indeed none of the coms in the store are on

      so we believed a bit

      he further convinced us by showing his stock intake on the com

      we thought thru and thought it shud b okay

      plus since its $600 only (AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.5Ghz, 1GB ram, 64mb dedicated graphics from nvidia geforce 7300 le, 250GB HDD)

      so we paid and tested it out

      when the com on, we expected the windows os to start configuring (as usual for new coms as the windows are installed and not configured plus no accs are created)

      but instead,

      its already configured and an computer acc is already created

      at that time i smelt something fishy

      so i decided to question the salesperson why is that so

      he say like that save out trouble and time plus he assure us its never on agn after configuring

      i still smelt something fishy but have no choice as money is paid (need pay before checking)

      so we brought it home, and the 1st problem arose (the com was working fine when i tested it there tho) once i started the com at home as i still dun feel easy

      and the problem is there is no display on my monitor, so i thought its the graphics card that is loose or the port is loose so i twitched and jerked a bit and secure it it place with insulated garden wire

      and graphics came so i thought its okay already

      a few days past without problem (still on vista) until one day the com crashes occasionally

      i though its vista so i installed windows xp, but i met problems with not being able to connect to internet (that time i dun i need download the drivers 1st) so i did a clean install of windows 7 chinese

      then comes a few days of smooth usage

      but then slowly there are ocassional crashes, or crash on startup (upon reaching login screen or after login)

      or sometimes it jus simply freezes

      i thought there are issues with the os so i keep on 'repair os' and it still persists

      i removed the garden wire mentioned earlier and installed xp

      and still problem persists

      so now , i took out the reciept once agn and checked on the date, serial and product number

      the date says 25july2009 so the warraty is supposed to expire this year july (1yr warranty for compaq desktops)

      i went compaq web to check my warranty status to make sure

      the serial number on my com case and the reciept is no problem

      but its the product number

      compaq says the product number is 6 to 7 alphanumeric but the one on my reciept and case is 8

      so i lef out the last letter and found out my desktop's warranty ENDED ON 2008!!

      i was like WTF?!

      i bought it from the store last year july and compaq say it's warranty ended on 2008

      now i guess maybe the desktop was used and is left in the store till someone buy and got 'tricked'

      now i feel like go back to the store and quesntion the saleperson abt that matter (abt why the warranty ended earlier than i bought it)


      now i really feel that im cheated sia.... damn... i knw that place still kena cheated.




      Extra information: 



      The link to the warranty status



      Moderator's note: 

      This is a true encounter from my tech savvy mate who got scammed. 


      This topic will be monitored. There will be  zero tolerances to any form of advertisement, in this post or any form of mockery to the victim.  Offenders will have their posts edited. 


      As of now, no details will be posted about the shop name and unit number. All can be revealed is that it's on the upper floors of Sim Lim square.



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    • if it's backlane that explains it...

      a shop tried to sell me a bootleg copy of OEM win XP, and told me that 'OEM windows software comes in transparent plastic packaging'.

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