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I need help: RAM issues

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  • eddiestolemyoriginalname's Avatar
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    • Ok first, I'm not very familiar with those technical terms, so go easy on me. :D

      I have two RAM sticks (or those long things that look like rulers), and they're both 1GB each, but my computer only reads 1.5GB. And uh, I can't find the problem, thus my cry for help here.


      I'm using Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, SP3.

      Intel (R)

      Pentium (R) D CPU 2.80GHz

      2.80 GHz, 1.50GB of RAM

      Physical Address Extension


      That's all I know. Anyone can help me pls? Greatly appreciated, thanks.

  • Raraken's Avatar
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    • I've got a few steps you could do to test them:


      1. Switch the sticks around. Use different slots. Could be a slot issue.

      2. Test the sticks individually. Remove one stick and test the other stick. Then switch the sticks. If both read 1GB, then it isn't the sticks' problem.

      3. Could be a motherboard limitation. What motherboard are you using?

      4. Run Memtest86. Could be a faulty stick.


  • playmemory's Avatar
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    • first thing first. check the memroy available at the bios level. this should give you a better picture of how much ram u got in the first place. if the bios has memory testing feature, pls use them. if everythings is ok. then there is a high chance that the boot loader requires to be fixed.

  • GhostStalker's Avatar
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    • based on the info you given and if your videocard is onboard. I pretty sure 0.5gb is actually assign to your videocard memory. Thus why you see only 1.5gb when you actually have 2gb.

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