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Need help on A4tech stuffs!

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    • I've gone to sim lim square, trolled 6 levels of the building, went to funan, trolled 4 levels of the building and i cant even find a single A4Tech stuff.


      I want to buy an A4Tech X7 G800 Keyboard. I need around 3.

      Anyone selling or knows where i can get them?

      The official distributor for A4Tech at Sim Lim Square already closed down

      I tried calling the office of A4Tech and the line was cut. 


      How much is an A4Tech g800 X7 keyboard?

      I checked at Arena Lan @ Kovan and they are selling it at $37 each.


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    • Originally posted by FunGuyWorkaholic:

      Why must be A4Tech keyboard sia?

      Cheap and good ma.

      So hard to find!

      Anti-ghosting keys,

      waterproof, Slim keycaps, rubber keys, extra g1,g2,g3 keys, etc

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    • Since stores are scarce, you can get it online or from the Kovan store you mentioned. 


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    • IMO, just buy it off any place since it’s only $37. Your time to travel all over singapore cost more den the price difference. just make sure you got warranty for that.

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